Al-Qassam Brigades unveils powerful Showaz IED

Showaz IED
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – On Sunday, Al-Qassam Brigades broadcasted footage documenting an experiment on how to detonate its “Showaz” Improvised explosive device (IED) against Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) tanks and military vehicles, multiple media sources reported. اضافة اعلان

In video footage, a resistance fighter placed the IED in the weakest point of a Merkava tank, between the tower and the body, which shows that the resistance is strategic and cunning.

The “Showaz” IED is produced and owned by the brigades. It emerged as an anti-tank and military vehicle IED used in enemy confrontation due to its great destructive effect.

These IEDs were developed through several stages. Hamas’ media faction indicated that the first model, Showaz 1, contained 40 kilos of highly explosive materials. They developed several models until settling on Showaz 7.

The Showaz 7 IED is its lightest and most advanced model to date, containing 3.5 kilos of highly explosive materials, and can penetrate iron armor.

Military and strategic expert, Dr. Nidal Abu Zaid, said that the video demonstrates Al-Qassam’s accuracy in dealing with targets and their professionalism in monitoring and dealing with the occupation.

Abu Zaid continued that the resistance has been fighting for 85 and their military structure, leadership, and control are still cohesive, despite the excessive use of fire and force by the IOF.

Abu Zaid added that the Israeli army’s deployment of the Seventh Brigade to the Khan Yunis which is under their Fifth Brigade, confirms that the resistance forced the IOF to use its central reserve. This confirms that the losses of the IOF have exceeded the operational limits.

He also confirmed that IOF are suffering from a shortage in its supply of weapons, ammunition, and vehicles since it requested ammunition for Merkava tanks from the US at the beginning of December. Furthermore, two days ago, it requested 155 mm artillery shells. Military analysts also began to notice the Israeli use of American Hummer vehicles instead of their armored vehicles.

This problem may rapidly worsen if the occupation continues to besiege Gaza.

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