iPhone 14 : Rumors, leaks and updates

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It is finally that time of the year where every Apple fan look forward to the release of the tech giants next big product – and is met with rumors and leaks that, to them, are akin to a fine appetizer before a feast. اضافة اعلان

In the last couple of months, plenty of rumors have arisen about Apple’s latest developments in the smartphone world;  I have made sure to scour through the internet to present to you the most up-to-date and credible info that is bound to let you hone in on what to expect out of Apple’s next big release.

Let us then embark on discovering what the next iPhone holds in storage for its loyal fanbase.

Size always matters

Apple themselves have confirmed that the sizes of the upcoming iPhone 14 are going to be changing quite significantly compared to their predecessors, more specifically. Apple has officially eliminated the 5.4 inch screen variant, which many will know as the iPhone mini, as according to Apple it was a relatively unpopular phone. As a result, the smallest phone in their upcoming lineup will feature a 6.1 inch screen starting off at the baseline variant, with the largest being 6.7 inches for the iPhone Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

While this may be off putting for fans of more humble-sized devices, as carrying around a smartphone the size of a small brick may be uncomfortable for some, the tradeoff is that Apple is likely to divert R&D efforts from that device unto their other devices.

The controversial notch is about to disappear

Back in 2017 along with the release of the iPhone X, Apple introduced the notch which we now all see at the top of every iPhone screen released thereafter. Initially this notch was extremely unpopular, with many users citing the fact that it covered up a small yet annoyingly noticeable portion of the screen.

However, over the course of the last couple of releases, most Apple users began to accept the notch and the fires of debate died down. With the upcoming launch, it has been confirmed that certain iPhone models will no longer feature a notch and instead will have a smooth non-interrupted screen. While this is not particularly ground breaking, it does mean that that the overall design of the phone will change – indicating that for a long while the iPhone may actually be looking to innovate its look slightly.

While there is no confirmation with regard to which models will go ahead with this change, it is highly likely that the Pro and Pro Max variants of the phone will be the ones to once and for all create a seamless screen viewing experience.

This does however beg the question: what is going to replace the notch?

Some unconfirmed rumors state that a circular punch-out hole type of camera will replace the notch.

Built like a Titan

According to multiple credible sources, the new iPhones will be built with a titanium frame that will also feature new grills on the speakers and microphones. As a result of the new chips creating a significant amount of heat, Apple is most likely going to be using the vapor chamber thermal system in order to offset the heat generated as a result of increased performance.

A photographer’s dream

As always with every new iPhone release, cameras are going to be getting an upgrade. Confirmed improvements have been announced for the iPhone 14’s ultrawide camera, and there are rumors about a periscope zoom lens that enables higher levels of zoom with higher clarity than its predecessors.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max variants of the phone may also finally see 48-megapixel cameras that enable 8K video recording capabilities, which is a definite boost in value for those that are keen on maintaining a sharply shot gallery.

120 HZ display – an exclusive feature

Unfortunately, the rumored 120 HZ display that was rumored to be present with all of the releases of the iPhone 14 are simply that – rumors.

That being said however, the Pro and Pro Max variants will indeed feature the ProMotion technology that supports 120 HZ refresh rates on the screen. The lack of the feature in the lower tiers of the phone are most likely attributed to a shortage of displays in the market, as outlined by an industry analyst Ross Young.

Lightning port – worry some future

There have been rumors and speculation around Apple removing the lightning port – and while the upcoming launch has not confirmed the fact that all phones will lack the port, it is in fact an inevitable future where Apple would eventually get rid of it.

For many, this brings with it a number of challenges. For starters, users who often charge their phones in their cars will now have to always carry their mag-safe chargers around with them, it also means that if your charger runs out, you are in trouble.

Additionally, in terms of electronic waste, this would mean that many chargers all around the world would instantly be rendered useless – and this would dramatically spike the total consumer electronic waste around the globe.

With Apple being so “forward-thinking” – this begs the questions whether or not they truly are.

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