The Weekly App Roundup : Spotify upgrades galore and Reddit clubhouse

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Welcome yet again to the Weekly App Roundup!

This week we will dive into some of the radical changes that Spotify wants to implement in several verticals of its podcasting service to create a more enjoyable experience for users, and Reddit’s dive into the audio trends through its Talks features. اضافة اعلان

Spotify, home of the podcast, adds video

Spotify’s interest in video began when Joe Rogan’s podcast joined the platform in 2020 under the arrangement that listeners would also be able to watch the video podcast on the app.

It took some time to work out the kinks, but in October 2021, the site began offering video podcasting capability to additional producers including Philip DeFranco and Jasmine Chiswell.

Spotify is now making video podcasting available to all producers in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Producers will now be able to submit video podcasts using Anchor, similar to how they publish audio material.

The video podcasts improve user experience as listeners can sit back and enjoy the video material or lock their screen and continue listening without the video stream.

Along with video podcasting, Spotify introduced a slew of additional features, including the option to embed video podcasts on other platforms and a tool for bulk-replacing audio-only podcasts with video counterparts.

Through these features, creators can now reach new worldwide audiences, have more control over how they monetize their work, and more importantly connect with their fanbase.

And speaking of upgrades to the podcast; rumors have circulated around online message boards hinting that Spotify is experimenting with a new TikTok-type of podcast discovery, which might make it simpler to discover new things to listen to.

Some users have rushed to Twitter after seeing the new podcasts area at the bottom of their apps, where the library and home buttons would typically be. Users with this update can experience the TikTok-style podcast discovery, which allows them to sample some random podcasts by swiping through them.

This feature looks to be the same as the video discovery tool that was tried in the app in late 2021. And unfortunately, the new experience appears to be in a testing phase at the time and is not available to everyone. We do not know whether we will see a larger deployment in the future or whether this is merely a test that Spotify will abandon.

There has not been any official news from Spotify yet, so we will have to wait and see.

Reddit Talks: From boards to chat rooms

Reddit, like Facebook and Twitter, has been developing its own clubhouse-style audio product. It is known as Reddit Talk.

Reddit unveiled the function in a blog post, calling it a “sneak preview” because it is not generally accessible yet. During the early stages of testing, Reddit will only allow moderators to launch a Talk. However, moderators can also enable trustworthy “speakers” to co-host a Talk with them.

Moderators who want to test it in their subreddit may now sign up for a waitlist.

Reddit is presenting Reddit Talk as a place for users to initiate discussions about Q&As, AMA (ask me anything)’s, lectures, sports-radio-style debates, community feedback sessions, or as a place for community members to hang out.

While users can already hold discussions and maintain discussions with individuals in their communities by using text threads, pictures, videos, chats, and live streams on Reddit, there are occasions when having a live audio conversation is more necessary or would simply be more enjoyable.

So how does it work?

Reddit Talks, according to Reddit’s definition, occurs within subreddits.

Only moderators can currently initiate a Reddit Talk. However, any Redditor on iOS or Android may listen in and respond with emojis. Listeners can also raise their hands and wait for the host to call their name. According to Reddit, talk hosts can invite, mute, and dismiss speakers.

Reddit is also looking for ways for hosts to customize the design of talks by adding emoticons and changing the background color. Users will also be able to modify their avatars.

Audio growth

With Spotify increasingly becoming more podcast-oriented and other platforms seeking to leverage audio conversations between strangers on the internet, it appears that audio is still a long way to go in its implementation cycle online before it plateaus.

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