Local engineer develops escalator handrail sanitizer

Brigidbox, escalator handrail sanitizer (Photo: Handout from Saliba Taimeh)
Brigidbox, escalator handrail sanitizer (Photo: Handout from Saliba Taimeh)
AMMAN – Escalator handrails are some of the most frequently touched surfaces in public spaces. To fight their spreading of germs, mechanical engineer Saliba Taimeh designed Brigidbox, a handrail sanitizing device that is simple to install and can adjust to any escalator. “The idea was born during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Saliba Taimeh, owner of Brididbox, said in an interview with Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

Brigidbox, an escalator handrail sanitizer. (Photo: Handout from Saliba Taimeh)

Taimeh added that he targeted escalators with his product because they are “available in malls, airports, and other dense, public areas.”

The owner explained that ultraviolet light (UV) is a type of electromagnetic radiation that the sun sends to the earth and is divided into three categories: UVA, UVB, and UVC. “UVC is the most powerful type of ultraviolet radiation, which is why it usually interacts with the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere and is absorbed there and does not reach the earth. UVC is the most effective type of sanitization,” he said.

And instead of adhering to toxic chemicals, Brigidbox uses UVC in its sanitization process.

Brigidhandle, a hand-sanitizing door handle. (Photo: Handout from Saliba Taimeh)

Taimeh added that Brigidbox is the only device that can be installed externally on all types of escalators in the market. 

The Brigidbox sanitizer, according to the product’s website, has many advantages. The device is easy to install on escalators, safe, and can be connected to a power supply. When the escalator is in use, it triggers the device to sanitize at 99 percent.

In addition to Brigidbox escalator handrail sanitizer, Taimeh has developed Brigidhandle, a sanitizing door handle, which can replace regular door handles.

The Brigidhandle contains a special silicone belt around the handler that sanitizes it after every touch. This device works with UVC germicidal light by American Ultraviolet and has a silent motor.

“I have a patent for Brigidhandle, and it is the only invention in the world that does not use toxic chemicals,” Taimeh stated. “I have been working on Brigidbox escalator handrail sanitizer idea and developing the device since 2020, as well as ensuring that the escalator handrails are 100 % clean.”

Additionally, Taimeh said that his projects were supported by TechWorks, a Crown Prince Foundation initiative that empowers Jordanian youth in areas of leadership, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community development.

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