Babil Games develops in-house green screen for virtual production

(Photo: Lina Allouzi / JNews)

AMMAN  — Award-winning game publisher, Babil Games, has advanced to become the first company to develop an in-house green screen for virtual production.اضافة اعلان

Since its establishment in 2012, the company has expanded, localizing games such as "Strike of Nations" into eight different languages.

Using a "wide-set" of the latest, cutting-edge technology, Babil Games has innovated its way through the pandemic by developing this new concept that saves time and cost for those who want to shoot anything but are unable to because of the lockdown.

The company has constructed the concept using its assets, and it leverages Unreal Engines, a game engine developed by Epic Games, to generate backgrounds, creating digital spaces with digital characters.

“Our productions are solely dependent on following the latest trends, whether in marketing or graphics, and we are always sure to be among the first to obtain the latest of them,” Babil Games’ technical art director, Ibrahim Yaser, told Jordan News, “One of them is location scouting through virtual production, which has given us the opportunity to bring the location of the set right to our room.”

The company also uses a range of programs, including Autodesk Maya, advanced plugins, and Photoshop Illustrator, among others, to generate the best effects in the game.

While other companies aim to minimize costs, Babil Games offers new employment options that can be supplied through virtual production, as well as through other departments such as the customer service department, PR department, and arts department.

“Our programs are not only advanced in certain departments, but they are advanced in terms of work-place communication, where we have created an entire system specifically for the company, where work can be examined and commented on,” Creative Director Ahmad Bader said in an interview with Jordan News.

Members of Babil Games’ team pose for a photo on July 12, 2021. (Photo: Lina Allouzi / JNews)

Suhaib Al Hamadani, Babil Games’ technical lead, added that his company’s “games use cloud services in the most efficient way to deliver the highest stability to the players, making it impossible for them to confront issues or problems, and our network and connection infrastructure stabilized our work throughout the announcement of the lockdown within a matter of hours.”

Babil Games’ CEO and co-founder Mohammad Fahmi, otherwise known as MJ, started the company with his brother as a garage project. According to him, the primary issue was locating an Arab investor who saw potential in their business.

“It took us eight months of hard effort before we were able to publish our game online, but we eventually found an investor,” Fahmi told Jordan News. “After that, we founded Babil in a small office and gradually expanded until we were acquired by Stillfront Group in 2016, which is a gaming powerhouse, and that is where our vision grew bigger and bigger.”

According to Fahmi, “Games are an intricate high-tech form of entertainment” and must always “fit” cultural standards in order to provide the best experience for gamers. This is why localizing games is so crucial, he said.

Babil Games localizes games by modifying the language, characters, or the setting within the game so that gamers of all backgrounds can have a full experience. It also uses cloud hosting to ensure that the clusters and servers given to the players are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing maximum security and privacy.

“Today, we operate 20 studios under the umbrella and seek to increase human capacity as much as possible in order to generate further games for the MENA region and to expand globally,” said Fahmi. “We've also expanded in North America, South America, and Europe, localizing the games in a variety of languages.”

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