Lethal toxins and a lack of diet are bringing down sport stars technical levels.

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AMMAN — Many of the bad habits that athletes practice in private and public are a real nightmare that haunts these stars in various sports, some of whom have fallen victim to cigarette smoking, others who have been burdened by bad sleeping habits and diets.اضافة اعلان

The smoking habits of athletes has become a huge problem, some of whom have publicly disclosed it, and some of whom have hid behind the curtain, thinking that it will not affect them negatively.

This phenomenon has spread greatly in football and among the ranks of players. The harm it causes does not fall only on those smoking, but may affect a whole generation, especially since many teenagers and young people follow by example star players and imitate their actions, from hairstyles to clothes, and even smoking cigarettes.

Over the years, sports fields have witnessed multiple cases where athletes have suffered in their physical performance because of this bad habit.

In some instances they have fallen into the habit, some of whom started with a cigarette and then turned their life into hell. Dutch all-star Johan Cruyff is perhaps the most obvious example among thousands, having been a huge smoker and almost lost his life to his habit in 1991.

A balanced diet is an essential pillar in the strength of the athlete, who needs vitamins, calories, and nutrients, which plays a role in helping the performance of their bodies, says sports development expert Saeed Al-Karmi in his interview with Jordan News  "Nutrition has different types and benefits, and each athlete has a different diet program based on considerations of the proportions of carbohydrates, and these small details effect their performance.”

“Athletes should be educated and informed about the impact of diet on their performance." 

He pointed out that malnutrition leads to fatigue and injury, increases recovery time and contributes to poor performance, especially if the body does not have enough energy.

Asked about the player’s excessive food and non-adherence to a diet during the break from training due to injury or the end of the season, Karmi said: "There is no doubt that the long break leads to weight gain with the absence of the diet, a point that athletes should be aware of.”

It can be said, that these habits practiced by a large number of athletes in various games, would harm their career, turning them from stars into outcasts, having them receiving signals to abandon their sport, especially since the body shows no mercy! 

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