Today's Horoscopes

(Photo: Jordan News)
ARIES: Stick to your original plans, regardless of what others do, and an opportunity will present itself. Utilize your ability to take charge physically, and you'll gain respect and the support you require to head in the direction you desire.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You'll have tunnel vision when it comes to getting what you want. Your mind is overworking, and your ability to source out what you need to get ahead will be on target. The time is right to bring about change.  

GEMINI: A partnership opportunity looks interesting, but ask pertinent questions and get what you want in writing. Someone will lead you to believe you are getting a better deal than what's on the table. Be aware of someone trying to butter you up.  

CANCER: Don't upset a friend or family member. If something isn't right, fix it yourself. Draw on experience to get things done on time. The less interference, the sooner you'll reach your target, and the better you will feel about starting something new.  

LEO: Take a moment to consider how to use your time and money efficiently. Trying to outdo someone can turn into a costly venture. Use your intelligence and physical attributes to get your way. Accept the inevitable, and keep moving forward.  

VIRGO: A change will give you a boost. Whether you make a move, redecorate or make your space more comfortable, the impact it has on you will ease stress and make you happy. Don't wait for someone to make the first move.  

LIBRA: Keep your emotions tucked away someplace safe. Focus inward on personal growth and physical improvements, and you will enhance your morale and gain the confidence to follow through with your plans. Don't miss an opportunity. Do what's best for you.  

SCORPIO: Take a closer look at your finances. Go over your expenses and consider where you can cut corners. Taking care of such matters to suit your lifestyle will relieve stress and help you put your money to better use.  

SAGITTARIUS: Gathering information from a reliable source will help you eliminate being taken advantage of by someone persuasive or manipulative. Refuse to let anyone put you down or make you feel less equipped to make decisions for yourself.  

CAPRICORN: List what you want to pursue and knock off one thing at a time. Pay attention to detail, and leave nothing to chance. The change you bring about will help you find more efficient and frugal ways to live life comfortably.  

AQUARIUS: You'll obtain fascinating insight into solutions that help you make medical, financial or contractual improvements. Don't let someone take the lead or push you in a direction that allows them more leverage than it does you.  

PISCES: Call in the best of the best and work side by side to advocate for a cause you want to help. Your input and enthusiasm will lead to new beginnings and better friendships. A positive change will encourage additional income.