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ARIES: It pays to be organized even when you are busy. Try to be more efficient in the upcoming week. Your charm can make a big impression on someone who could become an ally but wait a few more days to make a solid commitment.اضافة اعلان

Be mindful when exploring your more imaginative ideas this week. Life may offer you something that makes "be careful what you wish for" feel more meaningful. Avoid putting aside obligations or ignoring assigned tasks.

GEMINI: Misunderstandings could put a damper on possible social plans. Wait until tomorrow to discuss arrangements with loved ones or to develop business strategies with others. Your diligence can make short work of any tasks on your day planner.

CANCER: Mistakes may distort the big picture. You might see someone through rose-colored glasses but should remember that hindsight is twenty-twenty. You may need to get to know someone better before you put your money, or your heart, in their hands.

LEO: The universe is always watching, lucky for you that your integrity keeps you on the high road. Think things through carefully because an error  could create more work later. A loved one may be preoccupied and seem unsympathetic to your problems.

VIRGO: Requests for sympathy may make you feel uncomfortable. Some of your crew may be acting vague and hard to pin down. You may see how you could have handled a business or financial matter differently later in the week.

LIBRA: The week ahead may bring you face to face with your most important ambitions. Be willing to work hard to obtain the financial security you crave. You and a loved one may tackle a problem from opposite points of view.

SCORPIO: Someone could twist you around their little finger. Romance might be on your mind and it could make you want to put your ambitions on the back-burner. You might not see what is happening unless you read between the lines.

SAGITTARIUS: This could be the type of day when you feel like tackling more productive tasks over creative projects. Avoid spats with loved ones; if single, take a rain check on possible blind dates. Focus on making money rather than spending it this week.

CAPRICORN: The harder you work, the more you may accomplish. You might be burning the candle at both ends before the week is done. Climb the ladder of success by being diligent, persistent and astute to eventually achieve your goals.

AQUARIUS: Try to be more flexible so you do not end up stuck in a holding pattern. You may end up flustered if you only focus on the idea of how things are supposed to be. You cannot alter the past, but you can learn from it and do better in the future.

PISCES: Make sure to make time so you can get adequate rest. You can become worn down if you overwork yourself. Although some people may appreciate your businesslike manner, a seeming lack of sensitivity can create misunderstandings.

IF MARCH 19 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may become inspired to seek material success during the next three to four weeks but may be tempted to act on unrealistic goals and a desire for power rather than from thoughtful planning. Your physical energy and leadership abilities are elevated in May, making it a good time to compete alongside others. In June, the tides turn even more in your favor, and you should be wise enough to make sound decisions despite a temptation toward wishful thinking. You can make necessary improvements and can expect to receive helpful opportunities. You may daydream too much in July, but August is a great time for a romantic getaway or vacation.

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