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ARIES: You could enjoy being the center of attention, but it will feel better if it’s for the right reasons. You could be cheerful even in the face of challenges to your authority or additional responsibilities.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may have social obligations that need some attending to and may need to help chip in for the tab at a lunch with friends or happy hour with your co-workers. You could make plans for a romantic weekend with a close companion.

Your schedule may be full and a little daunting, but you can bring it into focus by listing your daily priorities and concentrating on the top items. Enjoy yourself by surrounding yourself with trusted friends and loved ones.

CANCER: You may face some obstacles in your path and realize there are no shortcuts to the end, especially if the obstacle is someone with an iron will. You might want to spend your money only on essential items now.

Rely on your bravery when you are faced with a challenge. Someone may play with your emotions — stay the course and avoid letting them get under your skin. Taking a break and reassessing the situation may prevent an emotional meltdown.

VIRGO: You may find yourself bogged down by work. It will be beneficial to stay organized and keep a to-do list to be more efficient. You may find working hard now can allow for more fun and free time in the near future.

LIBRA: Lavish attention on a special someone or precious pet. If you are in too much of a rush, it could cause problems in your home. Take precautions such as double-checking doors are locked or burners are turned off to put your mind at ease.

SCORPIO: You may enjoy joining a group or organization. This may be a good time to wrap yourself in a security blanket of friendship and community contacts. Your financial prospects may take a step in the right direction.

SAGITTARIUS: Taking sides in a conflict may turn the attention on to you. When in a group setting, there may be people who do not agree with you. You may act as referee but allow them to figure things out on their own.

CAPRICORN: Your daily grind may not be glamorous, but it should offer you financial security. This may be a good time to organize your budget in ways that make the best sense. Try to avoid arguments or disagreements.

AQUARIUS: You may need to tap into your high standards and business know-how to get everything in line. You might find this is a good time to reflect on finances as a whole instead of focusing on small issues.

PISCES: You are a hopeless romantic at heart, but you also need to be grounded in reality for now. Someone may not be able to sympathize with you when there is work to be completed — give it your all instead of making excuses.

IF MARCH 3 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY:  You may be a bit challenged to show people your best side as the next two to three weeks unfold. Even if you are somewhat tempted to partner with someone who may not be sufficiently ethical, your good judgment should prevail. April can bring increased optimism and better planning skills, as well as the enthusiasm and energy to take constructive steps in a great direction. It may be easy to be gullible and naive during May, when you could be caught up in the thought of unrealistic goals. It may be best to wait until late June or early July when your wisdom might be at a peak to make business and financial decisions. July could be a great time to enjoy social events or to take a romantic vacation and live out one of your dreams.

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