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ARIES: You might receive praise for being a team player. Adopt a take-charge attitude and tackle the tasks others may not want to manage. An email or phone call can spark a misunderstanding, so be discreet about personal communications.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: A lack if harmony is in the air so you should keep your head down and focus on yourself. Put crucial contracts and agreements to the side for now. Large expenditures could cause a problem with your budget.

GEMINI: Your enthusiasm might be at a low point, or your energy can be drained by the demands of others. A family member might be more astute than you about money, so this could be a good time to listen to their sound business and financial advice.

CANCER: You understand your own feelings better than someone else’s, so try not to judge situations by your own reactions. Trust that loved ones could go the extra mile to help. Now may not be the time to add to your debts or dispute a bill.

LEO: Doing nothing might be better than taking action. Conflicting opinions and personalities may freeze you in place, so try to avoid being confrontational or unreasonable. Do not sign contracts or make financial decisions that could affect the bottom line.

VIRGO: This can be a good day to tackle detailed or precise work. Work hard to achieve your ambitions and try not to be deterred by highly emotional loved ones. Hard work and self-discipline can begin to pay off soon.

LIBRA: You can afford to be understanding and generous with compliments if loved ones are vague or briefly muddled. It may be wise to keep your money in your pocket and to fight off the temptation to give in to an obsession.

SCORPIO: Quit knocking your head against a brick wall. Review your long-term goals with trusted friends who are practical and perceptive about the ways of the world. You may be impressed by helpful suggestions that could quickly fix problems.

SAGITTARIUS: Your judgment could be tainted by a fear of criticism. Try to remain patient if a family feud becomes an obstacle that prevents you from moving forward. Eventually, a way around it may appear. Focus on creative activities with friends.

CAPRICORN: You may make purchases based only on cost considerations. If you wait for better timing, you can save money and locate something with aesthetic value, too. Be guarded and cautious about who you confide in.

AQUARIUS: You might want more “bang for your buck,” but this might not be an ideal time to let loose. Try to hold off on major expenditures or making new investments. Family members could share interesting personal stories, gossip or news.

PISCES: Trust in your intuition. If you try to save someone who is drowning, there is a possibility you could be dragged down as well. Proceed with caution if you feel that someone is trying to take advantage of your compassion.

IF MARCH 13 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might be more appealing to others and more idealistic and imaginative than usual during the next few weeks. Your health may be enhanced, and April brings possible opportunities to improve your health even further or to embrace an offer that leads to future prosperity. In late May and early June, you could be distracted by inaccuracies or fooled by surface appearances. By late June, you will be thinking more clearly, but wait until your business intelligence is highlighted in late July to review your financial arrangements. That is also a prime time for exciting adventures or an inspiring vacation. Your financial expertise helps you make smart business decisions in August.

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