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ARIES: An act of simple kindness can be a groundbreaking move in some circles. You may be feeling more sociable and sensitive than usual; approach others with your ideas or work toward a heart-to-heart talk.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Focus on the future rather than the past. Learn from your missteps rather than wallowing in endless “if onlys.” Someone’s attention could make you feel on top of the world and light up with pleasure.

GEMINI: Validate yourself, yours is the only opinion you can control. Trust that you can achieve the desired results. Distill knowledge to fuel more productive actions and start something that provides a lasting stream of income.

CANCER: Your idealism can prime the pump of your enthusiasm. If you are convinced you are on the right track, take appropriate actions to obtain lasting results. Trust your own business sense rather than someone else’s.

LEO: Look critics straight in the eye. If you haven’t done anything wrong, there is no reason to feel guilty. Avoid people who spread unrest and negativity. Use your sharp eye for detail to make your job easier and more satisfying.

VIRGO: Find a way to not sacrifice your business advantage or financial incentives in order to live in accordance with someone else’s preferences. If someone close has different ideas, find a workable compromise.

LIBRA: Be brave and give someone the benefit of the doubt. A friend or loved one may convince you that he or she is totally trustworthy, but you still could encounter a mixed bag of issues within your home and family.

SCORPIO: A situation that held you back may change. A partner or loved one might be more attractive, attentive, and romantic than usual. If you have been holding unrealistic expectations, it could be time to Adjust them to reality.

SAGITTARIUS: You can make a good impression just by being yourself. Rather than making changes and alterations to your financial situation, you may do better by sitting on your hands and leaving well enough alone now.

Place value on solid principles. A trivial issue could prevent you from dealing with much more important matters. Someone may tell you something you don’t want to hear but that doesn’t make it any less true.

AQUARIUS: Someone in your immediate circle might be struggling with something, and your own peace of mind may be disrupted if a loved one is overly emotional. Understand what you can fix and what you can’t.

PISCES: Let the power of your ideals activate a higher purpose. You may work toward achieving your dreams but may encounter some resistance. Don’t be discouraged — your efforts can still create lasting improvements.

IF FEB. 22 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your judgment is enhanced during the next two weeks, making it a good time to reassess finances and business plans. Put ambitions on the back burner in March and early April when your judgment could be askew and your performance may be scrutinized by authority figures. Work hard, be responsible and completely ethical, and steer clear of trouble. Group activities could offer a support system and peace of mind in April and early May, when you might be too romantic and trusting for your own good. Enjoy extra energy and enthusiasm in May and plan a carefree romantic vacation for late June if you can. Batten down the hatches and clear up any disputes before August when any mistakes might be magnified. Wise advice or even opportunities could arrive at the same time that you must make crucial choices.

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