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ARIES: You may receive a daily dose of confidence.. during the week ahead. You may be encouraged by people who appreciate your skills and uplift your spirits but do the math yourself so you are not too willing to take risks.اضافة اعلان

Your rebellious streak may manifest itself in the next week and you might be tempted to call in sick or to take a break from normal routines. It wouldn’t be constructive to ignore the rules or fail to learn from mistakes.

GEMINI: You might feel an urge to spend rashly as the week unfolds. A loved one or partner might demonstrate powerful leadership abilities but could fan the flames of buying the more expensive product or being otherwise extravagant.

Your enthusiasms may be stirred by something you are passionate about and you might feel a duty to act as a crusader to right wrongs and defend high moral ground. Be careful not to go to unnecessary extremes.

LEO: Go ahead, howl at the moon. You may feel more restless than usual to make changes in the week ahead, and you may want to resist any attempts to be controlled. Certain things may be coming to their culmination.

VIRGO: Starting with a clean slate might be appropriate in more than one area. Something significant might soon change — be ready to adapt and adjust in the upcoming week. It might also be smart to reconsider how you spend your money.

LIBRA: The higher the stakes, the faster someone may pedal. But in their rush to get ahead, they may make promises they cannot keep or overestimate their abilities. Use your sound business judgement in the upcoming week.

SCORPIO: You could find yourself at a crossroads in the coming week. If someone does not react as expected or unforeseen obstacles are revealed, choose between sticking to a plan or adapting to a changing landscape.

SAGITTARIUS: Your leadership skills could be in demand as the week goes by. A problem could be caused by having too many irons in the fire or spending too much time on hobbies. Count your blessings and listen to sound advice.

CAPRICORN: People could change their minds or be overoptimistic in the beginning of the week. Be cautious about signing contracts or listening to gossip. Take the time to provide respect and support for hardworking friends or family.

AQUARIUS: Adapt or pass? You may need to decide soon. In the upcoming week, you may need to think about how to fit into a new group. You might develop new understandings of the results of changes or consequences of your actions.

PISCES: Don’t go overboard with your spending in the week ahead — better to adhere to your budget. A loving partner may have some insightful financial advice that you should take to heart before you dive into any investment.

IF FEB. 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You can earn respect and perhaps even recognition for your leadership abilities this week. Embrace wise advice and opportunities for advancement before they disappear. Sudden changes and shifts of focus may present themselves in March, making it difficult to achieve clarity or permanence. March and early April is not a good time to make new investments, crucial commitments, or to form new relationships because you may be fooled by appearances or want to be too reliant on wishful thinking. Mid to late April is when you are likely to be wiser and more skillful at investments and finances. The best time to interview for a new job or meet someone who is trustworthy for a partnership or romantic relationship is May, when your charisma should be enhanced.

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