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ARIES: What seems like “good natured teasing” to you could feel hurtful to the recipient; friendly encouragement works better.. There might be a child, relative, or a dear friend who needs a morale booster right now.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Don’t try to be a shape shifter so that others will only see your most flattering side. The Universe is always watching and can’t be fooled.  Keep your integrity consistent and solid throughout your being.

GEMINI: Get to the bottom of a dispute or misunderstanding and you could be offered an opportunity to learn something important and present a sincere apology. Sidestep the temptation to spend your money recklessly just to prove a point.

Your intuition provides insights into the motivations of others, while your fast thinking is useful when you need to cope the latest tech. Stay in close contact with someone who knows how to handle power plays.

LEO: Something might look ideal today, but your tastes may change in the future. Concentrate on taking care of your responsibilities and meeting deadlines. The latest hacks can offer you cool new timesaving measures.

VIRGO: Your routines may seem demanding, but you have the mental stamina to stick to things until all the facts are gathered together and everything is completed. Ask for help from those with the most experience.

LIBRA: A business or financial plan that you may be tempted to tweak is best left alone. Rearranging the furniture is fine but keep your money right where it is. Focus on being a constructive and cooperative member of a group.

SCORPIO: Any way you can escape from your daily round might seem attractive right now. However, you may place your confidence in someone who is not genuine. Don’t be overoptimistic and remain willing to compromise.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a dip in the think tank. Your ability to embrace complex ideas might give you the upper hand with financial issues. You will be at your best in group settings or when you are able to display your creativity.

CAPRICORN: Do some new research, then rethink the possibilities and reexamine long term goals in light of significant new knowledge. This is likely the right time to plan out new career or financial strategies.

Handle conflicts with confidence and refuse to condone manipulative methods or a lack of ethics. Treat people based on who you are, not on who they are. Wait until next week to be sure that your decisions are sound.

PISCES: You might be willing to make a sacrifice to maintain harmony and tranquility but be sure to uphold critical boundaries and basic rights. Follow the rules and requirements when dealing with authorities.

IF FEB. 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may feel like teacher’s pet during the upcoming five to six weeks when your popularity increases, and invitations may come rolling in. Your energy levels are high and leadership skills should come to the forefront as March begins. Be cautious in the middle of March when you could be immersed in daydreams and easily distracted. Keep an eye out for opportunities to make those dreams come true late in March. Anything in your best interest should be a success, but if it is wrong for you, the way will likely be blocked. In April you are more competitive than usual but you could be distracted by romantic fantasies. Get your financial ducks in a row in early May when your enhanced street smarts can help you make profitable business and financial decisions. You could experience unexpected changes or disruptions in June, but you may have some romantic or inspiring experiences, too.

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