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ARIES: Your efforts to be charming might backfire. Be prepared to offer an apology or make amends if you crashed someone’s boundary. You may run into trouble if you forget a promise or refuse to consider a compromise.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Note your ideas because they may become valuable in your work. Focus on your job and developing sound business strategies. Your social life might be especially quiet now, giving you more time to concentrate on your career.

GEMINI: It may be difficult to get relevant intel without seeming nosy. Too many personal questions might cause someone to suspect your motives, but in a few days, your desire for answers should seem more acceptable.

CANCER: Enjoy life as though it was a bowl full of cherries but watch out for the pits. Do not lose your temper over minor issues or misunderstandings with loved ones. Be practical and down to earth about financial issues.

LEO: Develop useful business contacts and connections. Like a potter at the wheel, you can work to mold circumstances to your liking and create something worthy of your efforts. Avoid becoming entangled in emotional issues.

VIRGO: Build people and situations up rather than tearing them down. Gain the respect of business associates and loved ones by keeping your promises. Keep a careful eye on finances, where you can use astute observations to make a profit.

LIBRA: Use your head as well as your heart and you might win the daily double of happiness. You may worry that being generous will leave you with a bit less than you need, but any shortfall should be quickly made up.

SCORPIO: Don’t be afraid of going after what you want. A partner or companion may be well informed of the latest trends and set a fast pace, but you can keep up. Time flies when you spend it with friendly and interesting people.

SAGITTARIUS: You can go far if you build your trust in yourself, but one downside is that confidence can trigger people with a poor self-image. Think carefully about sound business practices before you spend your money.

CAPRICORN: You might not be able to believe everything you hear. Someone may disagree with you or mislead you and cause a misunderstanding. Rely on best practices to guide your hand when money is on the table.

AQUARIUS: Time-tested tactics and solutions are the best ones to ensure that a project or negotiation becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved. Loyal partners may share their insights on achieving material success.

PISCES: Life is like an artichoke, peel off the pointy layers to get to the heart. Learn a big lesson from a challenging experience. Your sympathetic concern could be taken the wrong way if someone is determined to misunderstand.

IF JAN. 26 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: As the next three to four weeks unfold, you may dream about ethereal romance and/or pie-in-the-sky success, but by mid-February, you should find it easier than usual to make down-to-earth financial decisions and also to negotiate better terms in the business world. In March, you could easily be dazzled by surface appearances and make mistakes because you are not willing to look too closely at the facts. A new circle of friends could brighten your life in April. If single, May could bring the romance that matches your fantasies or if not, at least an inspiring vacation. Your upbeat outlook seems to attract better luck than usual in June when people tend to be more helpful and supportive. July is the best time to make career changes, business decisions or investments while your business acumen is likely to be at a peak.

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