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ARIES: Your reputation for trustworthiness can be a real and valuable asset in the world. You may feel more attractive when the cash is flowing in. Concentrate on making clever investments and success can follow.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Love the one you’re with — the grass isn’t any greener anywhere else. Open your heart and show more affection for best results. This isn’t the weekend to go on a blind date or break off a commitment.

GEMINI: Retain your integrity despite what others do. You can be fair and honest at all times, whether social, or when there is some serious business at hand. Good friends might enjoy your upbeat company today.

CANCER: Someone may draw a line in the sand just to get your attention. Friends may be more competitive than usual or push your buttons. Be willing to join in when invited along on an outing or a social event.

LEO: The stars may focus your interests on partnerships, relationships and companionship during the upcoming month. You may realize your main priority is caring for your own home and those closest to you.

VIRGO: You may work on your own to take care of practical matters. Once all the items on your list are checked off however, you can relax. Soft lighting or the right music could put someone in the mood for togetherness.

LIBRA: Spin the bottle and take a chance. Start short-term projects without concerns about the outcome. A new coworker or friend could become a lifelong companion, or a normally quiet person might have romance in mind.

SCORPIO: This might not be an optimum time to begin a new amorous relationship since your expectations may be too high. However, some activities or entertainments may bring you and a current squeeze closer together.

SAGITTARIUS: No one should put words in your mouth; you are quite capable of speaking for yourself. You can share your powerful dreams with others. Family relationships will take a turn for the better as the weekend unfolds.

CAPRICORN: Grab a chance to begin a fresh line of study. Visit the library or hop online to explore your interests and investigate a subject that triggers your imagination. Your ambitions may be tweaked by new ideas.

AQUARIUS: You may want to explore a real chance to be yourself. Learn from criticism and work on ways to foster self-improvement. Even the worst problems or circumstances can be turned to your advantage.

PISCES: Where there is kindness and empathy, there’s a way. You can make sound investments if you act on your intuition. Wind up your daily chores early, so you are free to spend time with a someone you love or care for.

IF JAN. 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Illusions and delusions may lead you astray during the upcoming week or two. You may be more grounded in February when your head rules your heart. However, in March, you could again be motivated by wishful thinking. Luckily, you can choose to focus on business and making money — at which you excel — and let your romantic notions take second place. You might float on a cloud of elation in late April, so you would enjoy a getaway vacay, new and inspiring concepts or educational travel. As May unwinds you may be forced to swallow a heavy dose of reality. Your work could be subject to criticism and breaking the rules will likely be punished, so do not begin anything new or take chances. You can make intelligent decisions in June when your practical side is enhanced, and in July, you can be carefree and enjoy relaxed restraints.

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