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ARIES: Paying someone a compliment might help you widen your network of friends. You may need to be more mindful of your words this week, but you will find things can go smoother if you try to be polite and gracious.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Try not to give in to predictable, knee-jerk reactions that may not be appropriate to your current situation. Trust in yourself and take the time to make a more thought-out move.

GEMINI: Tempers could be running high, and you might find yourself taking the brunt of it. Looking at things with a cooler head and a more strategic mindset can help you to avoid the risk of losing your temper.

CANCER: You might be attuned to the thoughts and feelings of a loved one. You could be picking up subtle signals that may not be perceived by others. Pay attention to your intuition and trust in your feelings.

LEO: Things may be challenging when you try to fit them into a space they do not belong. Someone may expect you to do something you are unable to do. Try not to overreact to difficulties or become defensive when you are out of your element.

VIRGO: There can be fewer arguments and misunderstandings if there’s no real basis for problems. You might want to delay contract signings and avoid making promises if you feel the agreements could easily turn into disagreements.

LIBRA: When someone rubs you the wrong way, the result can be unpleasant. Some people may go to great lengths to prove they can exercise authority and initiative. However, this can feel annoying and might lead to unreasonable demands that can put you in a tight spot.

SCORPIO: You may need to be more selective when sharing your secrets. You can keep a secret, but other people in your immediate circle may be less discreet. Consider delaying major purchases or making key financial choices for now.

SAGITTARIUS: You can be successful because you are honest and forthright. Competitive people could take unethical paths to take the lead away from others. Use your warmth and friendliness to bring people together for mutual enjoyment.

CAPRICORN: You might find some challenges at work that require you to move quickly. Use your organizational skills to accomplish as much as possible in a short amount of time. Savvy shoppers wait until there is a sale to buy something they want.

AQUARIUS: Having a practical attitude can promote realistic solutions. When people get aggravated, you can come up with calming techniques based on wisdom you have gained from experience. Keep a close eye on valuable possessions.

PISCES: You might be tempted to handle everyday problems impulsively. Although you might want to avoid family arguments and disagreements at this time, tension and hostility can still linger beneath the surface.

IF MARCH 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your sparkle and optimism could be simply irresistible during the coming three to four weeks. This could be a good time to address health issues or to launch plans because you may feel vibrant and luckier than usual. In May, try to stay clear of offers that seem too good to be true, and also from any romantic entanglements if you’re single. You might become the center of attention with a bevy of new friends in late June and early July. Late July can be an excellent time for weekend getaways or to visit inspiring places on your bucket list. Your business sense and financial savvy could be enhanced in August, making this a good time to review your assets and investments.

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