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ARIES: Have faith there is a rosy future ahead. The people who grow closer now should have your best interests at heart. If you take their advice, you could benefit in several ways. Don’t disregard a change to your financial status.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may be restless for change and willing to experiment. Do not disrupt your life by challenging those in authority. Put a fresh spin on career prospects by making new contacts. Ask family members for advice.

Don’t be afraid to step up. It is better to handle essential tasks on your own and know they are done rather than delegating authority now. Don’t lose heart if your wallet seems to become empty faster than you’d like.

CANCER: Watch for body language that tells you the truth. You might enjoy a flirtation, but a little voice may tell you it is best to just remain friends. You may be happy for an opportunity to pay it forward this time around.

LEO: You may be tempted to sow wild oats but would likely be better off and more content with domesticated ones. If you are in a committed relationship, find new ways to satisfy cravings for excitement and change.

VIRGO: Pleasant relationships are important to you, but at times you may be too idealistic, or harbor unrealistic expectations. Handle controversies with kid gloves. Burying the truth never works — it always comes to light.

LIBRA: Do your best to give people the benefit of the doubt, at least initially, and they may work harder to prove themselves and to stay in your good graces. The friend zone may be more advantageous than romantic hookups right now.

SCORPIO: Walk a moderate line and avoid extremes. Someone may cause you stress by being disruptive and unpredictable. Your efforts to do a good job will reflect well on your sincerity and enhance your reputation.

SAGITTARIUS: You may have an opportunity to improve your status. Demonstrate loyalty to increase the level of trust within an intimate relationship. The people in your inner circle are likely to be in a generous, tolerant mood.

CAPRICORN: A family member’s suggestions can impact your perspective and put you on the right track. Satisfy a thirst for excitement by playing with something that may have been gathering dust rather than buying something new.

AQUARIUS: Adapting to the march of time is the only way forward. If you hold on, you could be dragged. If the world is shifting, decide what to hang onto and what to release. Seek a respected person’s sound advice before you make a crucial change.

PISCES: Your innate generosity shows when you prove you believe in “share and share alike.” Being fully accountable and learning from your mistakes retains your power. Blaming others when things don’t go your way destroys it.

IF FEB. 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your leadership abilities and competitiveness are enhanced during the upcoming two weeks. Starting a physical exercise routine might be appropriate since it could help keep you on track throughout February and March when you may tend to get caught up in unrealistic dreams or fantasies. April is a good time to embrace new interests and make necessary changes with ease. If you can, plan a fun vacation to somewhere on your bucket list in the second half of May when your zest for life and good times is at a peak. Make all your most important financial decisions in late July or early August while your judgment should be at its best. That is a time when opportunities for advancement could come your way and you should possess the practical skills to use them.

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