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ARIES: Constraints may drop away as your focus shifts. Holiday shopping and preparations may be on your mind. Take advantage of invitations to mingle with like-minded individuals and strengthen ties of love.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Anything unusual or out of the ordinary could grab your attention. You might be the life of any party and receive attention wherever you go. No one is likely to rain on your parade, so enjoy the limelight and applause.

GEMINI: A true measure of someone’s character is whether they avoid taking unethical shortcuts to reach their goals. Ask for advice from a trusted friend if you are not sure whether something seems solid or is too sketchy.

CANCER: Impress someone with your friendliness and willingness to experiment. Wrap up loose ends on the job or project and tie them up with a bow. Then you will be free to try something new and unusual this weekend.

LEO: Trustworthy friends and generous gestures could be highlighted. Even if you feel at your worst, someone could be there to support and encourage you. A partner or loved one can quickly come up with some useful ideas.

VIRGO: You could get an “A” for quick thinking or for getting a job done in record time. You may need to find a gentle way to prevent a partner or loved one from making an error of judgment or embarrassing mistake.

LIBRA: A conversation might not be just small talk. Exchanging ideas with someone can put proposed actions into perspective. Your weekend plans may be filled with home-based activities or fun with family or neighbors.

SCORPIO: Disclosures and discoveries could alter your attitude. Interruptions and surprises could be in the air so be prepared to adapt to changing plans. A loved one may endow you with spontaneous bursts of affection.

SAGITTARIUS: You might feel less than enthusiastic about family member’s decisions. Rather than worrying about what is going on in your home you should focus on getting out of the house for an exciting social gathering.

CAPRICORN: Be proud of your accomplishments in the past week. If an ambitious project is completed, you should be able to take it easy, or celebrate, once the weekend has arrived. Prepare to enjoy social outings and live entertainment.

AQUARIUS: You are probably fast on your feet. Both patience and quick thinking in the moment can keep you out of hot water. There may be an opening to settle a feud or an opportunity to act as a neutral go-between. Work toward accords.

PISCES: Convoluted conditions might lead you in the wrong direction. You might feel that you must take action when it is better to wait for more information. Community events and holiday activities can fuel some fun.

IF DEC. 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may become frustrated by opposition to your plans or deceiving appearances during the upcoming two to three weeks. However, a strong work ethic and persistence can give you strength to plow ahead. Your passion for material success may overwhelm your common sense in January, so sit tight and wait until at least March to put your most important plans into motion. In March, you may not get what you envision, but the universe may give you something even better. Embrace an opportunity or offer that you receive since it may make a big difference to your future. April may bring ideal conditions to go ahead with major changes and to impress people with your trustworthiness and talents. This is an excellent time to offer your services to the public, change jobs, or to make a key commitment or promise. A romantic relationship could live up to its potential.

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