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ARIES: Blaze a trail and set a powerful example for others to follow. Count your blessings and express your gratefulness without holding back. Follow your instincts and really show your gratitude to someone who supports you.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Recognize your ambitions and passion for success. By being persistent, you can overcome the obstacles that have recently stood in your way. You may be restricted from shining your light in the way you’d like to right now.

GEMINI: You could be your own worst enemy if you brood over imagined injustices. If you are feeling contentious or contrary, it’s not the right time to process. Think logically about how to achieve your goals and you may come up with a brilliant solution.

CANCER: If you feel pushed or pressured, consider that there can be benefits. A nudge from someone close can force you to pick up the pace and get more accomplished. You and a partner could succeed as a real power couple.

LEO: Be patient if you are feeling patronized. Face the fact that your business tactics may not work if someone has an inflexible agenda. It might be better to concentrate on demonstrating your consistency and faithfulness.

VIRGO: Responsible people earn respect and reward for getting it done. Stressful conditions may improve when an important deadline is finally met but that may not give you a license to slack off on other duties.

LIBRA: When you know you’re the real deal, there’s no imposter syndrome. Do an honest day’s work, stay on top of your workload and fulfill your commitments. Following someone’s lead can help you to achieve more than you ever imagined.

SCORPIO: Tread water until you are ready for a deep dive. You may have an opportunity to examine past problems and revise your game plan. Work side by side with a partner or loved one who shares your passion for success.

Love doesn’t depend on similarities. A loved one could be easily triggered now, and it is most likely up to you to make loving concessions. This could be an excellent time to focus on key moneymaking activities.

CAPRICORN: Keep your eye on your destination and a firm hand on the rudder. Your stamina and perseverance can prevent you from giving up when the going is tough and can make you a success in whatever you initiate.

AQUARIUS: The wise one knows they cannot control people, just their own responses. Most people will resent being micromanaged. Looking at a choice between two evils? Wait until there’s a better choice on the table.

PISCES: Don’t let misunderstandings and frustrations drive a wedge between you and a loved one. You may be wise to wait until tomorrow to ask for forgiveness if you are at fault. Gather knowledge to achieve your ambitions.

IF NOV. 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You must rely on a solid work ethic during the next two to three weeks because a demanding schedule and additional obligations could otherwise be burdensome. Get extra rest when you can so that you don’t burn yourself out. In December, you could possess vision, imagination, and ingenuity, so make note of your most significant goals and let your subconscious mind do some of the manifestation work in the background. Enjoy romantic vacations and inspiring experiences before the beginning of the new year. A great deal of pressure can be placed on you to perform with a high degree of accuracy in January so be prepared to bring your focus toward passing a cosmic test. During February, your business acumen may be enhanced, so work extra smart and extra hard to make your business, job or financial dreams come true.

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