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ARIES: You could debate someone who is headstrong but sincere. If you engage in flirtatious banter, however, you may end up in a difficult situation. Spend extra time investigating sound financial and business tactics.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It would be a better plan to conserve resources now, even if you are tempted to frivolously spend some money or pick up a big tab. Never compromise your long-term well-being to earn some brief outside validation.

GEMINI: It may be smarter to avoid an argument than to start one. There are times when it is necessary to defend yourself but, in most instances, you can pass up a challenge. Speak up if a loved one or partner makes a poor decision.

CANCER: Be frugal with your money and generous with your heart. A change of attitude can solve a problem with a friend or a dilemma about how to achieve a goal. A loved one might share a clever business strategy.

LEO: Honor old obligations, but if they’re no longer relevant, have a conversation. Financial plans that require intelligent long-term strategies can be more profitable than impulsive knee-jerk reactions to the markets.

VIRGO: If you worry about pleasing the crowd, you could do something dumb rather than something smart. Decisions that could impact your home or family should go on the back burner while you gather more information.

LIBRA: Make the most of your time and get things done in the most efficient way. Afterward, you might want to find someone to hang out with. Social activities or an innocent flirtation can brighten up your day.

SCORPIO: This is not a good time to buy something for your home or listen to advice from family members. Your business strategies can be more successful if you think them through and wait for better timing to act.

SAGITTARIUS: A heavy dose of wisdom might be needed to navigate an array of fleeting tensions. A loved one or business partner may push you to be more active and sociable. Avoid making important decisions today.

CAPRICORN: Someone may challenge you to think outside the box. The fastest route between two opposing points is always a straight line. Be direct and to the point to make your job easier when dealing with others.

AQUARIUS: Facts and figures might give you a stronger grip on a key relationship than the whisper of sweet nothings. Sure, you would like to have fun and socialize, but there may be a point of contention to settle first.

PISCES: Enjoy an opportunity to escape the restrictions of dull routines. Your judgement may not be at its best, so put important decisions aside. You might be able to achieve your goals if you pay attention to a friend’s original ideas.

IF NOV. 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be engrossed in moneymaking activities and business maneuvering during the upcoming three to four weeks. This might leave little room for holiday celebrations and family gatherings unless you make them a priority. You could be singled out for special attention in early January, but do not spoil it by listening to someone whose opinions or advice could undermine your confidence. Late January is a good time to relax with a romantic getaway or enjoy creative projects. As January turns into February, you may be rewarded for your efforts or one of your wishes could come true. This is an excellent time to launch crucial plans and make important decisions since you will be wiser than usual. New contacts who share your interests may welcome you into the fold.

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