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ARIES: Rituals and rites of passage help us commemorate important milestones.. Your wisdom grows as you learn to handle irrational situations. A loved one may enjoy your flirtatious antics, but other people might Not understand.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Following powerful and sensible business policies helps you pull more weight despite any disapproval. Not everyone may be able to be completely open now. Avoid getting drawn in to a pointless competition.

GEMINI: You may be in too much of a hurry and inadvertently overstep someone’s personal boundaries. Miscommunications can cause misunderstandings. Ignore challenges to your patience and Remain in your center.

CANCER: Get in step with someone who has strong ambitions. If you are on the right track, things can quickly fall in place. This is not a good day to make large credit card purchases or to alter your investment holdings.

LEO: Someone close can land in the doghouse if they offer too much criticism. When you stay 100% in your integrity, you always remain above reproach. Put crucial decisions on the back burner for a few more days.

VIRGO: Business before pleasure might be your motto today. It can be more productive to put your best efforts into an activity that rivets your attention and attracts your passion. A partner or loved one may not communicate clearly.

LIBRA: There may be no other choice than to go along with the crowd if you are actively involved with other people in something now. Check in with yourself before you participate in extracurricular activities to please someone.

SCORPIO: You and a partner or loved one might be on the same wavelength when it comes to pushing ahead with wise business strategies. Nevertheless, there could be a temporary breakdown in key communications today.

SAGITTARIUS: Dealing with some people might require you to walk on eggshells as much as you’d prefer not to. You may just feel you need to go out of your way to please and appease sensitive or aggressive individuals at this time.

CAPRICORN: Even if you have your job or career on your mind, you could be feeling that it is time to be sociable. Look for a good reason to get out for a relaxing lunch or do happy hour with coworkers or friends.

AQUARIUS: It’s one thing to uphold high standards for yourself and your own behavior. It’s something else to expect everyone else to comply with your rules. Focus on making time for some fun and games later in the week.

PISCES: If you’ve only heard one side of a story, that’s all you’ve heard. Don’t assume they understand; check in and ask if other people understand your message before you leave the meeting or the subject.

IF NOV. 28 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your business and financial ambitions may distract you from important family celebrations and holiday preparations as the coming three to four weeks unfold. Your competitive spirit may be emphasized in the first half of January, but you must focus on being constructive and should avoid unproductive confrontations and arguments. In early February, you could receive unexpected windfalls, increased recognition for your leadership skills, or just experience better luck than usual. In addition, people may be more generous and supportive, making this a good time to ask for advice, make decisions and put key plans into motion. Your practical skills and business acumen is enhanced in April, when you also have the vision and imagination to create dynamic and profitable plans.

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