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ARIES: Concentrate on making someone’s heart happy; The sweetest dreams of a holiday gathering may include a plus one, and you can spend memorable moments with an affectionate companion. Count your blessings and be grateful.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You are at your best when you have someone special by your side; embrace traditions with a loving partner. You can appreciate a warm holiday and still face the past and learn important lessons from history.

GEMINI: It can require real work to help make everyone think hospitality is effortless. Whether you entertain loved ones or just phone home for the holiday, remember this day has different meanings for different people.

CANCER: Gatherings can remind you of your connection to others If you are with family or a tribe of friends, take time to appreciate this. If you are solo this holiday, make of list of the relative advantages — there may be quite a few.

LEO: For many this is a day to celebrate blessings. For some, it’s a sad reminder. You can choose to acknowledge both and allow your perspective to evolve. Remember your boundaries if you feel put on the spot.

VIRGO: Enjoy the holiday or just a day off if you can. You may find it difficult to put business ideas aside and relax around a family dinner table. Listen to a friend’s sound advice and avoid overreacting to challenges.

LIBRA: Upcoming events may be the carrot that persuades you to get chores completed quickly. This might be a family holiday you share with friends, but romantic twosomes can make beautiful music together tonight too.

SCORPIO: You might be glad to see the end of pumpkin spice. Surround yourself with creature comforts and enjoy the blessings that life has on offer. A small gift may hold special meaning so be sure to express your gratitude.

SAGITTARIUS: When someone is put up on a pedestal and everyone can see all sides, usually fakes get revealed pretty quickly. Be transparent and keep your eyes open also. Celebrate blessings and contribute to those who have less.

CAPRICORN: Do not be disturbed if you are confronted by someone with a bone to pick. This may be an excellent time to clear the air and set things right, especially within your family. Act on your charitable instincts.

AQUARIUS: Target someone’s behavior, not the person. Make it clear that any disapproval you express is aimed at actions, not personalities. You might prefer doing something more interesting but must bow to conventions.

PISCES: You might not be able to trust your intuitions today. Don’t act in ways that you imagine will please someone, which is emotionally draining and may not bring your results anyway. It is better to be honest than to hide your feelings.

IF NOV. 24 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Avoid getting involved in emotional roller coaster rides during the next four to five weeks. Unstable conditions or drama can disrupt your happiness. Wait until the beginning of January, when your judgment is likely at its best, to make sound decisions and necessary changes. Embrace any opportunity that arrives then because it might solve many of your problems and allow you to make optimistic plans. Your creative or romantic fantasies could spring forth in January, making it an ideal time for a vacation, to get closer to a loved one, or to delve into your creative side. You may enjoy new friends in February but you need to maintain a low profile in March. You are probably more astute about finances and business matters, but March is a poor time to start anything new or to take on added debt. The smallest mistake could bring problems and disapproval.

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