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ARIES: Little things can mean a lot. Indulge your taste for creature comforts and small everyday pleasure that bring happiness. A partner or loved one may be on the brink of making a breakthrough or lifestyle change.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Focus on feeling your most confident whenever you are in the public eye. A new position or status can be impactful. Your job or workplace may be undergoing a significant change and new protocols must be addressed.

GEMINI: If you see something to do, go ahead and do it. Your imagination knows no bounds so you can put competitive situations into perspective. Your opinion is likely valued by others so your input smooths troubled waters.

CANCER: You might feel compassionate if a partner or loved one can’t relax and burns the midnight oil. Help them to wind down and chill out if they can. Focus in making your home an oasis of comfort and support.

LEO: The best ventures need the time and space to develop. Your mind may be buzzing with tons of new ideas so any project you begin should quickly take shape. A group of friends can help you add the finishing touches.

VIRGO: Enjoy being the recipient of unconditional love. You can say the right thing at the right time to delight someone who admires you. Steer clear of business contracts and financial agreements for the next several days.

LIBRA: There is safety in numbers; right now you might be happiest in a group. You may enjoy being the center of attention and the admiration of peers. This is an excellent time to address any health issues and to outline your goals.

SCORPIO: Make the day more fun by inviting friends or family over for a get-together. Surrounding yourself with willing helpers and supporters can make any task easier. Someone might make a surprising revelation.

SAGITTARIUS: Be clever and thoughtful. Find a mutually beneficial solution that will make a loved one feel appreciated and help you achieve your own goals. Confide in a close friend if you want to receive clear feedback.

CAPRICORN: Someone might read too much into your friendly demeanor, but your real romantic ardor can be revealed when you get close. You may not have the bandwidth to deal with someone’s secret longings or wishful thinking.

AQUARIUS: You should rock as the ref. A friendly outlook and fairness might make you a good choice to step in when two sides arrive at a stalemate. Lend a helping hand at an event supporting your local community.

PISCES: The moment of truth might arrive. This might be a good time to discuss and work out details with your partner. Soul searching will reveal whether your goal is attainable or an unrealistic wild goose chase.

IF OCT. 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Work with joy and passion and pursue your ambitions during the coming two weeks. During November, your leadership skills reach a peak, and you may be more enthusiastic about the physical tasks that demand your attention. This might be a good time to clean up your diet and start walking or exercising most days to get into great shape, since December could involve a demanding schedule. Find a way to fit exercise into your schedule and use your self-discipline to maintain your focus. The end of the year may offer some breathing space when you can immerse yourself in inner fantasies and relax on a romantic vacation. Avoid daydreaming in late February when you could overlook the fine print or fall prey to wishful thinking. In April, you may get a chance to sit back and enjoy well-deserved rewards, but don’t rely on good luck to get you by or make promises you are not equipped to honor.

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