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ARIES: Your competitiveness can make you a leader, but your outgoing friendliness may make a loved one feel insecure and uncomfortable. Remain sensitive to someone’s tender feelings while you climb the success ladder.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your restlessness could prod you into buying things on a whim or ignoring a few rules. You may be dissatisfied with some things in your life; look honestly within to decide whether it’s most productive to change your attitude or your situation.

GEMINI: Remain alert for news about an upcoming social gathering because the plans could change. It may be better to concentrate on working with a partner toward a common goal than to dwell on your love life.

CANCER: Be as thoughtful and straightforward as possible to avoid alienating loved ones. A minor disagreement should not interfere with following through with ambitious joint plans. Focus on achieving lasting financial security.

LEO: You may be given an opportunity to make some of your dreams come true. A referral from a friend or a favor freely given can make a huge difference in the outcome of one of your plans. Work brings material rewards.

VIRGO: You likely have the good judgment and the opportunities to make the most of a new project. You and a partner may find it easier to communicate than usual. Avoid buying something on a passing whim today.

LIBRA: A loved one could put most of their efforts into charming some business contacts. Give yourself extra love if you’re not receiving the attention you think you deserve so you won’t overreact to a temporary situation.

SCORPIO: Stay on track. You may receive some words of wisdom that will give you confidence to meet challenges head on. A loved one could be stressed out or tense and briefly distract you from your work priorities.

SAGITTARIUS: Inspiration is right under your nose. Friends, partners and even casual acquaintances could be willing to offer support and encouragement if you are working hard on a worthwhile moneymaking project.

CAPRICORN: You might be a perfectionist when it comes to a project but carefree when you are in the company of a romantic partner. Keep the home fires burning even when you have a powerful passion to succeed.

AQUARIUS: Keeping a promise may require you to assume duties that you would rather not handle. You may yearn to break away on your own. However, an ambitious partner might not let you off the hook quite yet.

PISCES: Spending a few extra dollars to ensure you receive quality goods will ultimately prove more economical. You might find something special to buy as a gift to show some sincere appreciation for your loved ones.

IF AUG. 18 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming four to six weeks, you can develop a clever business sense through constant practice and the application of practical solutions. You may be too busy widening your social network in October to worry about money. Do not make major changes or decisions or take any risks in November and early December when you could be saddled with many obligations. You might get a brief reprieve from ongoing routines in December when your social life blossoms. However, in January, you will need to bring your "A" game and play by the rules, or face consequences. Remain ethical and dutiful in February and by the beginning of March you could be able to enjoy more romance and tranquility.

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