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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: You might be a winner during the next few days when you compete with others or express your generosity. Find time for sports or a day trip where your exuberance and good feelings can run full throttle.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You and your friends may bow to the conventions that are obvious while keeping your individual views private. In the week ahead, you may make a few social blunders or budget miscalculations unless you think carefully.

GEMINI: Dreams can come true. Don’t be hesitant or doubtful when confronted by an opportunity to make some extra spending money. Use your people skills to find common ground between opposing factions in the upcoming week.

CANCER: Shine like a diamond. Your general optimism and friendliness let you stand out from the crowd in the coming week. Be strategic about finances and retain good will by keeping in touch with both new and old friends.

LEO: Your enthusiasm and exuberance can make the week ahead easy to navigate, but some tend toward judgment instead of acceptance. There is a tendency to be extravagant, but you can back up your promises with hard work.

VIRGO: You might succumb to wishful thinking today and misinterpret someone’s intentions. Listen to a partner’s sensible financial and business advice in the week ahead. Coworkers may believe they can cure the ills of the world.

LIBRA: Lay the groundwork for career success. Once you have established trust with someone, it is easier to find common ground. The focus is on friendships, social networking and making money in the upcoming week.

SCORPIO: The ends never justify the means if there are losers at the end of the game. You can be pleasant, generous and kind even when you are serious about getting ahead. Find ways to help everyone come out ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: Some of your best traits may include making big-hearted gestures and not taking yourself too seriously. In the week ahead, however, you could take moneymaking activities and your income more seriously.

CAPRICORN: A partner might be filled with optimism and enthusiasm yet demonstrate poor business instincts. Your unwavering devotion to material success can make the pair of you a power couple as the week unfolds.

AQUARIUS: You might agree with your friends and pay lip service to traditions while harboring quite different opinions. Build a solid financial foundation in the coming week that no amount of shaking can dislodge.

PISCES: Test your talent for teamwork. Cooperation only works when everyone holds up their end of the bargain. Exercise farseeing strategies to make your financial goals or to score more points with loved ones this week.

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