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ARIES : Sticklers for perfection may demand a great deal from you. Fortunately, you could be equipped with a host of reasonable replies. Do some research to be sure your ideas are actually achievable — not just intriguing.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS : When you are passionate about your job or intent on a project you could play hard to get. If you have someone in your romantic crosshairs, your best bet is to just play it cool until there is more time for fun.

GEMINI : You are likely able to think very clearly at this time, and you may easily detect falsehoods, omitted information and rip-off schemes. Give some quiet attention to the beauty and poetry in the world around you.

CANCER : Some people keep giving until it hurts. Generosity is a fine quality, but you may suspect that someone is trying to take advantage of your kind nature. Give them a second chance and the benefit of the doubt for right now.

LEO : Who you know is often more useful to your ambitions than what you know. You may associate with people who have high standards and even higher expectations. Team up with people who inspire you to do better and reach further.

VIRGO : Money is not everything. Creating a feel-good atmosphere might be the best indication of your success. Some workplace skeletons may come out of the closet, or you may have insights into a health problem.

LIBRA : Someone who expects you to meet their exacting standards could be covering up their own issues. You may be prompted to perform a spontaneous act of kindness that can mend fences you did not even know were broken.

SCORPIO : You and a friend or loved one could enjoy working side by side at a community event. Touch base with people you haven’t seen in years. The way a confidential matter is handled may have consequences in the future.

SAGITTARIUS : You are guided by your conscience to do the right thing. When you have a serious intention coupled with persistent efforts, it is most likely to become a reality. Enjoy a laugh-out-loud experience with friends and family members.

CAPRICORN : You might realize just how far you’ve come when you recall the good old days, some of which were not particularly good. There may be an opportunity to review a past mistake and learn an important lesson.

AQUARIUS : Keep working on achieving your dreams. Being honest and forthright, however, is more important now than your needs and ambitions. Stay centered and keep your cool if errors or hidden obstacles appear during the day.

PISCES : Your dreams can become reality if you are determined and apply consistent will power. Someone may appreciate your offer of a helping hand. Be generous with your cash and tolerant of someone’s idiosyncrasies.

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