Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Enjoy a moment in the spotlight. Your enthusiasm and outgoing ways can make other people feel welcome. In social gatherings or in outdoor sporting activities, you may be singled out for some special attention.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Find fun in the least expected places. The daily chores may be same-old, same-old, but you can easily shift things up with a few laughs. A time may soon come when your priorities shift to a different level.

GEMINI: Reach out and touch base with friends and family — they will likely be happy to hear from you. Be forgiving if someone seems to hog the spotlight, exaggerate or spin tall tales, as long as it is in good fun.

CANCER: Today may mark a time when you are ready to alter your outlook and choose new objectives. Your creative juices could be flowing, so tap into them and make something you can be proud of sharing.

LEO: You are free to pick and choose. You might have the chance to stand out in a crowd and could enjoy being part of a community. Discuss the future with a loved one so you can make plans and nail down the details.

VIRGO: Show up as a force for good in the world. Offer encouragement to those who need it without exaggerating or offering unfounded assurances. Welcome and be grateful for whatever good fortune or advice comes your way.

LIBRA: Focus on progress, not perfection. You may engage in competitive events but might not care if you win or lose — you just want everyone to have a good time. Work side by side with others rather than going it alone.

SCORPIO: Your star is shining more brightly this weekend and could attract a new set of admirers. Although you may yearn to take a real vacation, you may settle for an escape from tasks and routines for a few hours.

SAGITTARIUS: Kick back and chill. With your responsibilities out of the way for the time being, you can focus on pampering yourself. A partner may still be up to his or her ears in work and appreciate your help and support.

CAPRICORN: You may enjoy group activities and competitions because they give you a chance to socialize. Use every opportunity to mingle with a variety of people and you can expand your network with new allies.

AQUARIUS: Get away from it all. You might want to retreat to a quiet place where you can daydream. Watch your finances because you could be counting chickens before they hatch. Recognize the limits of your optimism.

PISCES: Concentrate on being faithful and loyal to a friend, a cause or loved ones even when they are struggling. You may encounter someone who taps your giving instincts or needs some special sympathy.

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