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ARIES: You can’t always choose who will be drawn to you, so use discretion. A shining light can attract both allies and haters. Be nice to everyone but be discerning about who you take into your inner circle.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Delve deep. Investigate the facts before you become caught up in social issues or commit to anything. Appraise new acquaintances before committing personal resources and try to discern who is trustworthy and who is not.

GEMINI: Bring your best strategic game. You will come out ahead if you organize your work and anticipate the next task before you must do it. Handle your responsibilities on your own initiative to earn some raves.

CANCER: Stand out above the crowd by going the extra mile. You will make a good impression and elevate your reputation if you do more than is expected. Prove you are a sincere team player.

LEO: Put on the brakes and wait. Like a stack of dominoes, setting one thing in motion can create ripples further down the line. Consult a partner or friend who is an excellent source of intelligent guidance and practical support.

VIRGO: The show must go on. Enjoy sweet rapport with loved ones but don’t ignore your day job. You and a special someone may wallow in cosmic bliss after money-making activities and obligations have been completed.

LIBRA: You are probably intuitive enough to avoid misunderstandings with loved ones. Remain neutral and don’t get involved in other people’s conflicts. Use the experience you have gained from previous mistakes to guide your plans.

SCORPIO: To thrive, be grateful for the positives and work with the negatives. You may be focused on developing business strategies, but a new acquaintance could provide some excellent insights and a sense of adventure.

SAGITTARIUS: There are always lessons to be learned and improvements to be made. Stay on top of household issues and if problems pop up, take the time to discuss them. Wisdom is a strength to share with your loved ones.

CAPRICORN: Focus on preventing failures and fixing errors. Use your brain power to achieve your goals. Your charm might not impress anyone today so maintain a low profile and avoid misunderstandings with loved ones.

AQUARIUS: You will accomplish what you set out to do by being organized and careful. When buying something with aesthetic appeal for your home or family, you might be too worried about making a perfect selection.

PISCES: Let your sunny nature shine and chase away the shadows. Weigh self-care versus sympathy when tough decisions must be made. Enjoy access to privileged information or learn new things with a few well-placed questions.

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