Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Try to live within your means even if it requires temporarily deferring gratification. Money might be both the cause and solution to any problems. You may be forced to deal with unexpected bills or changes to an agreement.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Bring ideas back to earth instead of drifting aimlessly on a cloud of inspiration. You may be inundated with data from outside sources and restless to test out new ideas. Go with a common-sense strategy.

GEMINI: You are probably insightful and focused, but you might set the bar too high for yourself. You may be particularly skilled when creating business strategies. You should be able to handle frequent interruptions and make adaptations.

CANCER: You may understand much more in hindsight, but right now you could be swept along on a partner’s fast-paced schedule. An exciting new activity or hobby might become a key element of your social life.

LEO: The tried and true might seem too dull today. You may be willing to experiment with something unusual brought to your attention by a partner or loved one. Follow through and do not stop working on a crucial project.

VIRGO: Keep an open mind and you could be much less frustrated by complicated conversations and situations. Inspiring ideas may send you off on a wild goose chase, so be realistic, especially on the job.

LIBRA: Validate yourself instead of depending on others. A decision might be difficult if you’re weighing how to create the best all-around solution. Wait until things are more settled and a partner can guide you before taking action.

SCORPIO: You may be in a rush to get one of your key projects rolling, but a loved one might slow you down. Someone’s sudden change of mind may seem to leave you in an awkward position or with fewer workable options.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be emotionally sensitive while your partner is down to earth and practical. Spending money is there to use when you are having fun with friends so do not feel guilty about having a few extra meals out this week.

CAPRICORN: Keep the credit cards and checkbook under lock and key today. You may treat everyone like a best friend and might go overboard to impress someone. Employ a flair for perceptive ways to handle new contacts.

AQUARIUS: Take pride in being balanced. Your imaginative ideas could spur you into making impulsive changes before you have taken time for deeper reflection. Know when to take a chance and when to wait.

PISCES: Be proud of being dependable and solid as a rock. An innate sympathy can help you to make allowances for friends who are struggling. Try to always be there whenever possible for those who need understanding. 

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