Six must-read articles published by Jordan News in 2022

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Like the Artemis 1 launching into space, 2022 seemed to fly by at rocket speed. So, Jordan News has carefully curated a few favorite articles published this year that you may have missed. From prehistoric Jordan to a ride across the Red Sea, you are sure to enjoy these editor’s picks. Happy reading!اضافة اعلان

Tropical Wadi Rum to dinosaurs in AqabaDinosaur prints, Pangaea, and paleontology: Take a geological journey back millions of years ago to the Jordan of pre-history, when dinosaurs roamed and Wadi Rum was — instead of a vast desert — a tropical zone.

“Unlike today… a drive from Amman to New York would be possible on Pangea, with the two cities being almost perfectly in-line with each other while being separated only by the lands of what is now the Sahara Desert in Africa.”

Where breaking the Ramadan fast includes caribouImagine this: It is the month of Ramadan, mamoul abounds as usual, but the sound of Taraweeh prayers is coming from… the northernmost mosque in the US, in Anchorage, Alaska.

“The roughly 2,500 Muslims in the Anchorage area come from all over the world; immigrants, refugees, locals, veterans, students and others, all sharing a faith and a love of food.”

Suits and ‘SALAD’: New Amman label brings sustainable fashion to the regionThe sustainable fashion movement is sweeping the globe, and Jordan has jumped on the bandwagon. A social enterprise that gives away donated clothes has created a fashion label using just one surplus item: suits.

“Salad, if you think about it, is a combination of weird things together — feta cheese with cucumbers… that’s the same exact thing we’re doing with clothing.”

Compliant matter assumes captivating shapes in Tabbaa’s handsGet to know a Jordanian sculptor who uses wood, paint, tar, coal, stone, marble, metal, and acrylic to fashion mesmerizing patterns and forms.

“He skillfully makes the matter comply with his will, not by brutally hewing it but by gently and knowingly following its natural grain and lines in harmonious synergy whose outcome is outstanding works of art.”

Filipinos lay down roots in Jordan through the Catholic religionManila and Amman are separated by 8,694 km and incalculable cultural differences. So, what is it like being Filipino in the Kingdom? For many of the 26,000 to 28,000 Filipinos living in Jordan, church provides a space for expressing religious and cultural and identity through worship.

“When you arrive in this country, even if you are professionals, people (think) that you are just house maids,” said Melissa Elemia, an immigrant from Mindanao who leads the choir. “Some in our community may live in difficult circumstances, but we help each other, we are really one.”

Ferry ride to Egypt: an adventure from Amman to AlexandriaFor a true adventure, cross the Red Sea by ferry to dock in Egypt. From Jordan, the ancient wonders of Cairo and Alexandria are only a boat ride away.

“I slept through the Sinai, waking up to clamber out of the bus at the Suez security checkpoint and then again as we reached the cacophony of Cairo. The city was just as chaotic as I remembered, sizzling street food and blaring car horns and motorcycles hopping the sidewalk to beat the traffic.”

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