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ARIES: Enjoy the spirit of the holidays a few weeks early. Your heart and your wallet can be big enough to extend generosity to those less fortunate. You are wiser than usual with people but might not make the best business moves.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You could go all-in for any gathering that is filled with joy and happiness. Get out there and enjoy time with your family or your crew. You might easily attract a new friend or make new networking contacts.

GEMINI: Focus on someone else’s needs. Get out of any rut and lend a hand with a charitable event or a friend’s project. Listening to other people’s perspectives might give you something worthwhile to think about.

CANCER: Once the stage is set, you can be ready to play your part. The curtain might go up on an exciting activity, or a romantic escapade if you’re single. Attend celebrations or local events where you can bond with new acquaintances.

LEO: Most misunderstandings should be quickly forgiven and forgotten. A festive atmosphere begins to shape up and may be just the thing to recharge your batteries. Find a balance between doing and being.

VIRGO: It could be a great idea to allow yourself to adjust to a sudden change of plan. Spontaneity can sometimes lead to something even more interesting. Loads of fun is in the stars if you relax, give in and go with the flow.

LIBRA: Money well spent can uplift the atmosphere in your home in heartwarming ways, but you don’t need to go over the top to bring a party to life. Focus on the right people and the right vibe and the rest will fall into place.

SCORPIO: Enjoy being a good neighbor and a good partner. People can usually count on you to show up with sensational ideas and amusing stories. Encourage loved ones to give you their wish list for holiday gifting.

SAGITTARIUS: You may appreciate a boost to your spirits. Let true love or genuine friendship overcome minor tensions and disputes. A social gathering or outing could pave the way for a genuine apology or reconciliation.

CAPRICORN: You may want to ring the bell and have all hands to appear on deck for gatherings or outings. Make sure that expectations are clear. As the holiday season ramps up, your capacity for love and affection are enhanced.

AQUARIUS: Center your thoughts on making your family and core tribe the hub of exciting activities. Get plans lined up and confirmed early during this busy season. Your best friends should be there when you need them.

PISCES: Being pulled in different directions requires patience; don’t let indecision spoil the day. Do not give attention to a drama-maven in your family or at work, who might seem to be pushing your buttons or being too demanding.

IF DEC. 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: What is most important to your inner peace and happiness may be undergoing a transformation as the next two weeks unfold. Give yourself plenty of quiet time to foster this evolutionary process. You might not be realistic about how far you can go, so it is wise to wait until the time is riper to put new ambitions into action. Avoid making major decisions about your business or finances in January as there may be an unforeseen drawback or limitation to your plans. Keep an eye out for seriously beneficial opportunities in March when you should have a chance to make permanent improvements in one or more parts of your life. Your judgment should be at its best at that time as well, making that an excellent time to launch important plans or to put your most exciting dreams into motion at last.

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