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Recycling company Paperazzi 50 uses a novel approach to protect the environment: collecting used paper from businesses, schools, stores, and even individuals, the company recycles them using 45 expertly trained women, turning them into plantable paper products.اضافة اعلان

Fadi Al-Zubaidi, founder and CEO of Paperazzi 50, said that “the survival of humankind is in a healthy environment, that is why I try my best to have innovative ideas to help the environment”.

Paperazzi 50 was established in 2018 under the name of Rozme W Nabte. In December 2021, the name was changed to Paperazzi 50.

The company, started recycling paper in 2018 with one employee, Zubaidi said.

A biodegradable eco-paper known as “plantable paper” is created from seed-embedded, post-consumer, and post-industrial paper waste. The seeds sprout when the paper is planted in a pot of soil, and the paper decomposes. Flowers, herbs, or veggies are the only things left behind; there is no waste. It is simple to cultivate and plant.

The process of recycling paper starts with distributing boxes to companies, and institutions to collect papers, Zubaidi said, adding that now the company has grown and trained less-fortunate women from the north of Jordan in the process of paper recycling.

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“These women do not have any source of income; we currently have 45 well-trained women equipped to help us,” he said.

Among the recycled paper one may find badges, invitations, business flyers, wedding announcements and postcards, notepads, origami, and other knickknacks.

Zubaidi said that some people wonder whether planting vegetable seeds in recycled paper with print on would make them grow containing harmful substances.

According to him, the paper the company uses has 100 percent organic ink and does not contain any harmful substances.

“The organic ink is certified for safe use, and it will not affect any plants that will grow from the paper,” he said.

Moreover, Paperazzi 50 recycled paper is acid-free, biodegradable, and environment friendly.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Paperazzi 50 had a big challenge, as there was no paper to be gathered, said Zubaidi.

“Many companies, institutions, schools, and universities were closed, but one day I got an idea: why not have another source for paper? So we came up with paper made of natural wool, and it works well,” he said.

Zubaidi added that this product could be used as letterhead paper by companies, so now Paperazzi 50 is getting orders for it.

The company has got support from several institutions in Jordan, said Zubaidi; it got funding from Luminus Shamal Start, a leading business accelerator and seed investor in the north of Jordan.

The company has also been accepted by Business Innovation Growth by Orange Telecommunications Jordan, and the acceleration program of Landmark Hotel Amman, which is Landmark 2.0.

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In addition, Paperazzi 50 was incubated by TTi, a Jordanian NGO with the mission of supporting young entrepreneurs by providing entrepreneurship awareness workshops, training, mentoring, consultation, and incubation.

“We have a couple of prizes that we have won based on the environmental and social impact that we are doing,” Zubaidi said.

The social mission of Paperazzi 50 is to protect the environment by recycling paper, creating plantable paper products, and reducing the usage of regular paper in order to save trees.

The company also aims to raise social awareness and educate people about the value of recycling, and train women in production and recycling.

“Our vision about the environment in Jordan? Basically we try to provide as many awareness sessions as possible, especially for students in schools, about paper recycling,” Zubaidi said, adding that the sessions help make students more aware about recycling and the environment.

Paperazzi 50 aims to reach out to every place in the Kingdom, he said.

“We have started in the north of Jordan and are looking for some investments so we could spread in the entire Kingdom,” Zubaidi said.

According to him, paper made from natural wool is just a start; the company is working to find alternatives and reduce the usage of regular paper in the market.

“The most interesting thing that I enjoy is being creative and creating new products,” Zubaidi concluded.

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