How some businesses are celebrating Halloween in ‘Halloweenless’ Amman

“Falloween Collection” custom mugs by Meraki Arts. (Photo: Handout from Meraki Arts)
AMMAN — Halloween does not usually stir a festive spirit in the Kingdom, but as the global holiday continues to rise in popularity, some businesses are offering their services to help Jordanians make the most out of October 31.اضافة اعلان

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated by many in different ways depending on region and preference. Most famously, Halloween involves costumes, pumpkin carvings, and an array of sweet treats. While certain Druidic rituals from Ireland influence the holiday, modern-day celebrations do not necessarily adhere to any religious beliefs.

In Jordan, rarely do any public events happen in celebration of this spooky day, especially for adults. However, events for kids can be found and generally consist of providing a space that allows kids to wear a costume, partake in activities centered around the theme, and enjoy candy on the side.
With the restrictions of COVID-19 and the concern over public health, these events are even less popular.

The lack of public celebrations shouldn’t hinder your spirit. Whether you enjoy the concept of Halloween, the decorations, or simply its spooky vibe, here are a few businesses offering Halloween-related services for you to explore:

Hot cocoa bombs

Handmade Halloween themed cocoa bombs by Cup.o.cocoa. (Photos: Handouts from Ban Howeidi)

Owned by Ban Howeidi, Cup.o.cocoa is a small local online business specializing in cocoa bombs, latte bombs, and customizable sweets for special occasions. Howeidi is no stranger to the business of desserts or art in Jordan.

She has a bachelor’s in graphic design and 11 years of experience as an art director. When launching her business, Howeidi wanted to find a way to merge her passion for art and her love for sweets: “After seeing the popularity of cocoa bombs, and enjoying them myself, I wanted to add my artistic touch to the popular drink. I believe that food and drink should not only taste delicious but also look good.”

After deciding on the idea, she launched her Instagram Cup.o.cocoa for her business for edible art.  

When it comes to Halloween, Howeidi shared: “Halloween is my favorite time of the year, so I created different spooky creature cocoa bombs.”

The Halloween-themed cocoa bombs come in a variety of shapes, flavors, and colors. Made with quality ingredients, including Belgian chocolate, pure cocoa, and stuffed with different flavored marshmallows, they come in the shapes of skulls (available in various colors), a zombie, and a pumpkin, and custom orders are available for quantities of more than 10.

These Halloween cocoa bombs are a fun addition to any celebration you’re doing to enjoy this spooky season. Howeidi shared that her packaging is “versatile and flexible”, which allows the cocoa bombs to be a suitable gift for any occasion.

Themed mugs

“Falloween Collection” custom mugs by Meraki Arts. (Photo: Handout from Meraki Arts)

Nataly Farah and Rozanne Farah are both artists that launched Meraki Arts in November of 2020. Due to the quarantine in Jordan, they were able to take advantage of their free time and launch this online business.

Meraki Arts specializes in creating fully custom and personalized arts and crafts in any form their customers want, such as string art, keychains, mugs, ashtrays, glass, canvases, and more.

“Meraki means to put your soul, creativity, love, and a piece of yourself into your work, and that’s exactly what the mission of our business is. We focus on making our customers’ experiences and requests fully personalized and unique according to their desires,” the owners shared in an interview with Jordan News.  

When it comes to Halloween, Meraki Arts launched a collection titled “The Falloween Collection,” which includes fall and Halloween-themed mugs. This collection was their first fall and Halloween collection, and its aim was for them to get creative.

Their collection includes a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed mug, a spooky take on Van Gogh’s starry night mug, two ghosts eating sandwiches outside a falafel store mug, and a traditional Halloween-themed orange mug with pumpkins, cats, and other Halloween symbols painted across.

Meraki Arts’ products are all entirely handmade, original, and unique. 

Custom made decorations

Halloween decorations by Mariam.Dalya_artwork. (Photos: Mariam.Dalya_artwork Facebook page) 

Dalya Atari and Mariam Haimour are the founders of Mariam.Dalya_artwork, a business that specializes in painting, carving, and personalizing art on all mediums, from clothes to almost everything else.

This business was also launched during Jordan’s quarantine period, after which Atari and Haimour struggled due to the COVID-related restrictions. Both artists, who have been friends since they were 12, have been in the artistic field for a long time, and this business allowed them to grow their presence and share their expertise through social media.

Mariam.Dalya_artwork specializes in various fields of art, from large-scale interior design and decorations to costume and clothes customizations. The artists enjoy working with their hands and bringing creative visions to life. If there is a theme for an event, they will make sure to vibrantly reflect your theme in the space.

For Halloween, Mariam.Dalya_artwork has already launched a few large-scale decoration projects including floating ghosts, a ladder of overlapping Halloween decorated plants and flowerpots, a giant replica of Jack the Skeleton, haunted spooky tree stumps and burlap sacks, and a witch’s pot.


Halloween decorations by Mariam.Dalya_artwork. (Photos: Mariam.Dalya_artwork Facebook page) 

The Party Store is a staple of decoration products in Jordan. Located at King Abdullah II Street in Amman, this store offers a wide range of celebratory products. from birthdays to bridal showers, Eid, Easter, and more, they do not miss an occasion.

The Party Store has been open for six years and is holding an array of Halloween decorations, costumes, and more of whatever you need to enjoy this spooky season. Whether you plan on hosting a Halloween-themed event or if you simply want to decorate your home, Party Store is ideal for finding what you’re looking for.

For convenience, the store also has an online option that allows you to browse all their available products and order them to be delivered wherever you need.

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