Finding the right workout supplements in Jordan

The sheer amount of options when it comes to supplements can be overwhelming, but one thing to keep in mind is finding the right kind of supplement for your body and your goals, according to a personal trainer that spoke with Jordan News. (Photo: Unsplash)
AMMAN — Working out is one tool for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle, and commercial supplements are a way that gym-goers can boost their efforts and help them achieve their desired fitness goals. But in the fitness world, first timers can get lost in the slew of products on the market. Between retailers trying to make a quick buck and companies hiding behind loopholes in the law, it is easy for customers to be scammed into buying products that have no proven effects or are simply not right for you.اضافة اعلان

Jordan News spoke with personal trainer and fitness coach, Mutasem Al-Khawaja, of Vega Gym in Khalda. Khawaja earned his bachelor’s degree in sports management and training at the Hashemite University and was eager to recommend trusted supplements.

He started off by prefacing that supplements should be individually tailored to a person’s lifestyle. Factors such as diet, workout routine, and desired goals should all be taken into account before taking supplements.

Using supplements for weight lossAround the world, people workout at the gym as a means for weight loss. Khawaja recommended two different categories of supplements for those hoping to lose weight: fat burners and protein.

Fat burners are high caffeine formulations which help increase the heart rate and improve blood flow to the muscles. They are a relatively quick and easy way to increase your caloric output — i.e., the number of calories you burn — and should be used in conjunction with exercise and diet.

One such example that Khawaja provided was a product called Animal Cuts, an American-made supplement that contains caffeine, raspberry ketones, guarana, and a variety of other ingredients aimed at burning calories.

Khawaja also suggested protein supplements, such as Isolate 100, but only under the supervision of a fitness trainer. He went on to explain that protein is used when diet and exercise are not enough and require fine tuning.

Protein helps you lose weight by stimulating your basal metabolic rate, which describes the number of calories your body consumes while at rest. Protein powders like Isolate 100 can be mixed into protein shakes or added to foods like oatmeal or pancakes.

Bulking upBulking describes the process of gaining weight for the purpose of increasing muscle mass. This is done by simply increasing caloric input over caloric output. Bulking does not just consist of simply eating more food than you normally would. It requires eating more of the right things your body needs.

Careful calculations of calories, carbs, fats, sugars, and protein all need to be considered. For carbohydrates, Khawaja suggested Vitargo, which comes in an oatmeal-like form. For protein, he recommended Whey Protein. There are additional supplements that combine high calories with carbs and protein, such as Pro Gainer and Serious Mass, which can help users bulk up as well.

All of the supplements recommended by Khawaja, with the exception of Animal Cut and Vitargo, have been approved by the Jordan Food and Drug Administration as of May 2021.

Knowing what to do and what to take when it comes to going to the gym can be stressful. But trained fitness instructors like Khawaja can help people in their fitness and health goals. If you are interested in taking any of these supplements or have any questions, he strongly recommends you speak to a local trainer.

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