Badiya: A new way of fitness

Badiya coach Hamzeh Kalimat. (Photos: Handouts from Badiya)
Badiya coach Hamzeh Kalimat. (Photos: Handouts from Badiya)
AMMAN — Badiya is an artsy gym and physical fitness center, located in Manara Arts and Culture in Jabal Luweibdeh. Badiya focuses on natural and effective physical movements, emphasizing the importance, history, and future of body care.اضافة اعلان

BarBedu Founder and Badiya coach Tamer Khumush. (Photo: Handout from Badiya)

Badiya, which means “desert”, was founded in July 2021 by BarBedu and Manara Arts and Culture. “Badiya is made up of BarBedu team members,” who are contracted to give classes in at various gyms. “At the end of 2019, BarBedu and Manara Arts and Culture both shared a vision and collaborated to establish Badiya. So Badiya’s concept was made by BarBedu and Manara Arts and Culture.” Tamer Khumush, BarBedu founder and coach at Badiya, said in an interview with Jordan News.

“Badiya is a gym that offers classes for more than one type of exercise, as its idea is different from traditional gyms because Badiya has no equipment nor machines,” Khumush said.

People can learn to know and feel every part of their body in various postures and with shifting and difficult movement in the organic movement classes. Health and fitness go hand in hand with overall wellness, Badiya offers bouldering, calisthenics, and strength and conditioning to kids, youth, and adults.

Bouldering, a Badiya class, is a type of rock climbing that is done without the use of ropes or harnesses on small rock formations or artificial rock walls. Bouldering problems, which are the sequence of moves that a climber does to finish the climb, are usually less than 6 meters tall.

Athletes learn about their body through calisthenics and movement. They learn what it is and how it should behave in accordance with nature. From there, people learn how to move their bodies in ways that are both healthy and beneficial for long-term well-being. Furthermore, bodyweight strength training is a type of exercise that uses gravity to build strength, fitness, and flexibility.

(Photo: Handout from Badiya)

BarBedu athletics are distinct from other sports, according to the coach, in its desire to change the mold. “The idea is that the gym is not like other gyms, as people will see a new and different concept, as Badiya has put the corresponding coaches in their appropriate places,” Khumush added. “We have the best coaches and athletes in the Kingdom, in our field.”

The gym is divided into categories, the coach explained. Adults, 16 and above; youth, 10–15 years old; and children, from 6–10. Children are only eligible for climbing classes. In addition, Khumush added that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Badiya has limited the number of people in each class. “Each product has a specific number of people, according to the space. For example, the calisthenics class is for at most 10 people, climbing for six people, and conditioning for eight people.”

Badiya has six coaches, the Khumush said, adding that all six are members of the BarBedu team. “Our Badiya team, aside from myself, are Hamzeh Kalimat, Muntaha Kilani, Sara Abu Shawish, Qout Abaza, and Marwan Al-Sharif.”

“Badiya is the result of a brainstorming discussion between us and Manara Arts and Culture. As our partners, Faisal Tutunji and his wife Hind Joucka, have experience in the hospitality field, as well as in art, which combines art and sports in Badiya,” Khumush said.

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