Personal trainer turns top coach award into health mission

Jordanian personal trainer Maya Abdullah poses for a picture in this undated photo. (Photo: Handout from Maya Abdullah)
Jordanian personal trainer Maya Abdullah poses for a picture in this undated photo. (Photo: Handout from Maya Abdullah)
AMMAN — Personal trainer and Nike brand ambassador, Maya Abdullah has turned her passion for fitness and nod as the top personal trainer in Jordan into a mission to spread awareness about health with her almost 200,000 followers on Instagram.اضافة اعلان

"I began to have this passion for training and motivating people, to help them change so that they can become the best versions of themselves and be happy,” Abdullah said in an interview with Jordan News.

“This is my passion, and I will see this path until its completion.”

Abdullah started playing rugby at age 16.

She then attended university in Ukraine, where she obtained a degree in business management and several certificates in fitness and nutrition, including sports nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, obesity management, sports psychology, and an International Sports Sciences Association certificate in personal training.

“I studied business, but I decided to take certificates in fitness because this is what I love,” she said.

Upon her return to Amman, Abdullah said she was always asked: “Why don’t you become a fitness trainer?”

So, in 2016 she opened her first gym, where she has “trained hundreds of women”.

“Now, I have my gym, my healthy restaurant, my own named spa — everything concerning women. … this passion started with the love I had for myself and my health," she added.

Abdullah traces her love for sports back to her mother, who was a gymnastics champion in Kuwait and earned several gold medals.

“She (my mother) loves swimming and horse riding, and she gave me a lot of encouragement to engage in sports,” she said.
“My family is proud that there is a woman that gives awareness to a whole generation about sports and self-confidence," Abdullah said.

To spread that awareness, Abdullah looked to social media.

“There was a state of enthusiasm in the (Instagram) community that there is a woman that encourages and helps people, and leads them to their goal in such a way,” she said.

In 2018, Abdullah was recognized as the top personal trainer in Jordan by Living Well Magazine.

However, after COVID-19 hit the fitness sector in Jordan especially hard, Abdullah turned to online classes and led an international challenge with participants from all over the world.

“We challenged the conditions that we were going through, and we trained online; I had over 3,000 women globally training through Zoom,” she said.

During her classes and throughout her career, Abdullah said she tries to emphasize the importance of paying more attention to health.

“Health is the most crucial thing in life, and there are many Jordanians who do not play sports and do not like to exercise,” she said. “After all, (gyms) strengthen our immune system, and I hope that my country would better support the fitness sector.”

"I advise everybody to pay keen attention to their health. … I want them to love themselves more and have more confidence in themselves and encourage each other to practice any kind of sports," she added.

Looking ahead, Abdullah concluded that her goal is to spread health awareness.

“I care more about women, and I would love them to be more confident in themselves and have a strong personality."

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