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ARIES: Try your best to avoid spending your raise before you are certain that the promotion is coming through. Unexpected bills may come knocking so try to remain vigilant to prevent your finances from going awry.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may have a desire for a more exciting relationship, but it could put you at odds with a faithful partner. Do your best to avoid inviting problems into your safe space. Dreams can come true if you are willing to wait.

GEMINI: Now may be a wonderful time to demonstrate your genius. You could have the knack for bringing together for a common cause or for finding the perfect words to describe something valuable but possibly intangible.

CANCER: You could be feeling easily distracted currently. While owning a status symbol item may make you feel like you have reached a major milestone in life, remain discerning so you do not risk losing money on a fake.

LEO: Resist the temptation to go on a wild goose chase in the pursuit of your daydreams. A dream could be mistaken for your reality. Use your record for trustworthiness as a tool to help impress influential people when needed.

VIRGO: Your partner or a savvy loved one could have a worthwhile financial strategy to share with you. A heart-to-heart conversation may help to pinpoint a business plan that can help you both increase your profits.

LIBRA: Your attention to your normal duties may interfere with your ability to read the room. There might be higher expectations for accomplishment that far exceeds just doing the basics, do your best to remain observant.

SCORPIO: Mixed signals can often be misinterpreted, do your best to be clear. Avoid becoming gullible or pursuing frivolous pleasures if you have the chance to make more solid long-term plans for a successful future.

SAGITTARIUS: One weed in the garden does not mean flowers will not bloom there. Try not to let minor problems or passing rifts disrupt your long-term plans. Embrace the latest technologies that are on offer and step up your game.

CAPRICORN: You may be exposed to some risky but exciting hobbies or unusual forms of entertainment soon. Work at chipping away at your bucket list or trying out an activity that you have always dreamed of doing if you can.

AQUARIUS: Change can often be uncomfortable, but you have thrived when more intense difficulties were thrown your way in the past. Remember your success and the challenge ahead could end up just as an amusing story.

PISCES: You may aspire to have a level of organization where everything has its place, but sometimes it can be difficult to reach it. Focus on making practical decisions whenever possible to help bring you a lasting sense of serenity.

IF NOVEMBER 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: This week your enhanced negotiation skills and common sense could allow you to apply more astute strategies to address financial situations. Make key moves when you need to such as choosing a new home, signing business contracts, or launching important plans in November when someone seems to be watching over you and your wishes could come true. Consider embracing any opportunities or offers that may appear since they could help improve your future. You may be feeling more detached about emotional matters or alternatively, too logical if sensitive subjects crop up in the remainder of December. A need to fight off negative influences could be distracting in the first half of January, but you could emerge stronger and more empowered as the month ends. Much could potentially be accomplished in March when financial acumen and energies could be more heightened than usual.

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