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ARIES: The bits of knowledge you collect during casual conversations might help you perform your tasks better in the future. You could earn some accolades for a job well done, but applause does not pay the bills.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You could be in the middle of changing circumstances that may leave you unsteady, and there may only be so much to be done to create stability. It might be time to find somewhere that will be solid in the long run.

GEMINI: A brilliant opportunity could lose its luster as time goes on. It can feel hard to see the point in showing up besides getting the check sometimes. Do your best to find ways to bring the spark of enthusiasm back.

CANCER: You may have become complacent and now may be just going through the motions. It might be time to demonstrate your dedication, even in the face of an involuntary and complete change. Now is not the time to dawdle.

LEO: Almost everyone can feel like an imposter sometimes, but you may think you are the only one who has that feeling. Remember that you have earned your place and that you might be exactly where you belong.

VIRGO: Sometimes you must start on the ground floor. Paying your dues in a bullpen might be the only way to get into the big office in the corner. Others can recognize your ability and ambitions faster than you realize.

LIBRA: Distractions could encourage you to put off work a little longer. Now may be the time to turn off the TV, put down the phone and start putting your nose to the grindstone. You might have things to do but not enough time.

SCORPIO: Unconventional ideas or techniques may not be anything to scoff at. They could seem outrageous now, but build a solid foundation for improvements in the future. Try not to dither if your choices are clear cut.

SAGITTARIUS: People you respect might be taking notice. There could be brighter things ahead if you can make a good impression. Your brilliance and dedication might prove that you have been the perfect choice all along.

CAPRICORN: There can always be people watching, so do your best to make a lasting impression. Carry on even if you feel you do not have the opportunities to make improvements in your working conditions, career or finances yet.

AQUARIUS: Interference with your ambitious plans could make you want to write the day off as a loss and get a fresh start tomorrow. Rather than lose the whole day, try breaking the day into smaller chunks and continue to chip away.

PISCES: Your inbox may be deceivingly filled with rejections or unexpected bills at first glance. An opportunity to get back on your feet could be coming if you seek it out. Try not to focus on the “nos” and instead listen for the “yes.”

IF SEPTEMBER 27 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might be walking on air when inspired by a new romance, a new hobby, an idea, or a business concept as this week unfolds. Your popularity and talents can really shine; give yourself plenty of validation! You might already be pursuing a dream but write your ideas down anyway, as they may come in handy in November. Business success and financial profit is more likely if you wait until December to make astute changes or decisions, since your street smarts may be enhanced in the world of trade and career. Be prepared to work harder than usual in late December and early January when you may be hampered by restrictions and expected to toe the line by superiors. Do not launch new products or make major changes until  April when your comfort levels should be reinforced.