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ARIES: The struggles your project may be going through might just be the growing pains of something wonderful in progress. Take a breath, soon your problems can disappear, and your project will be in full swing.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your interests may be changing. You could be about to embark on a journey of self-discovery or exploration. Spend time trying new things and getting to know new people so you can better understand yourself.

GEMINI: You might want to bounce from project to project if you get bored. People who depend on you could become annoyed if you appear to be unreliable. Now might be the time to focus on improving your reputation.

CANCER: All that glitters may not be gold, but glitter can still be pretty and sometimes that can be enough. With the right perspective anything can sparkle and shine. Ignore any dirt and discover the beauty.

LEO: Everyone may love you when you are the one buying. The people who matter are the ones who stick around even when the bill needs to be split evenly. Take the time to learn who your most loyal friends are.

VIRGO: An expert can be someone from out of town with a briefcase, or someone paid to say it can’t be done. They may have facts and figures, but it is you who knows the job and has the vision. Do your best to find the right solution.

LIBRA: If you always look outside to gauge your worth you may discover that there are people with different strengths. Do your best to not compare yourself to others. You are special and wonderful in your own way.

SCORPIO: History is full of inventors who created things once declared impossible. You can either be the doubter who declares it cannot be done or the genius who goes out and makes it a reality. You just need to make the choice.

SAGITTARIUS: Before your dreams can start becoming reality you need to make a plan and take the first step. Create a solid strategy on how to make your world better. Help people put their trust in you by keeping promises.

CAPRICORN: You could be focusing on all the things that might go wrong. Do your best to breathe and remain in the moment, you may be amazed to find most things go according to plan. Confidence helps to build happiness.

AQUARIUS: Try to make every tomorrow better than the last. Avoid being a wallflower and accept invitations from friends for nights out or small adventures. Find some activities or team up with people that can spark joy.

PISCES: There might always be shortcuts for most things, but many are short because they skip important steps. You could end up riddled with feelings of inadequacy or guilt waiting on a phone call. Thoroughness can endure.

IF SEPTEMBER 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your life may be more exciting and fulfilling during the coming three to four weeks. You could get a chance to try something new and open your mind to diverse ways of living. Consider if it’s time to make changes that enhance your happiness. Your business sense and ability to implement sound financial strategies could be improved in late October, and because your heart is in the right place you could be able to put some plans into place that could ensure your financial and physical health for a long time to come. You might be able to show off your leadership skills in November when you may be exposed to a variety of people in organizations and groups. You could feel at peace with yourself and enjoy exploring creative pastimes and romantic outings with loved ones in December and January.

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