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ARIES: Show others that you can be there for them through thick and thin. It might not be necessary to spend excessive amounts of money to impress a special someone. Find unusual experiences and unique places to visit.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Cook up something you can share with your favorite people: Create a fabulous meal for the family or share amusing stories filled with tidbits of interesting information. Temper your enthusiasm for fun with responsible restraint.

GEMINI: You could find yourself being overly annoyed by gullible people, while becoming intrigued by something that might not end up being worth your own time or trouble. Suspend your disbelief long enough and try not to take things too seriously.

CANCER: Let common sense prevail when it can. Indulging in a taste for extravagant items could cause regret when you look back on your expenditures while balancing your accounts. Wait to make a purchase, you may find something more worthwhile.

LEO: Offering someone an incentive can help you get things done your way. Try to resist the urge to make drastic or dramatic changes if you are going through a period of boredom. Give a tangible reward when someone has done an excellent job.

Try not to fall into a trap. Ignore any provocations because you could look like a bully if you are goaded into responding harshly. People may only notice your attack and might not know if it was justified. Win by walking away.

LIBRA: Lessons in life are always good when you learn from them. You could be wise to not to point out someone’s error and make waves now; you might say something you should not. Find a way to smooth things over.

SCORPIO: Home is where hugs can be cheaper by the dozen. Set aside some quality time to enjoy activities with your family or loved ones. You might be fascinated by a fad and tempted to spend your hard-earned dollars.

SAGITTARIUS: Love can conquer all. If you have made a seemingly frivolous purchase, put things right by looking at things from a different angle. If someone is not realistic right now, remain understanding and strive to find a compromise.

CAPRICORN: Try and fix a minor problem before it can snowball into an avalanche. A little research could clarify a financial matter and save you from future headaches. A supportive friend is likely to pass along some valuable information.

AQUARIUS: It may be difficult to get excellent value for your money at the moment. Any offering that seems too good to be true should be avoided. Control any urges to make large purchases or change your investments until you’ve considered every angle.

PISCES: Don’t bury yourself in guilt over a sin that no one else noticed but DO learn. Let go of the self-criticism and focus on the lesson. You can show people how amazing you really are by letting go.

IF JUNE 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: An inspiring idea or new romance could change your life and motivate you to work harder than usual to achieve success during the next six to eight weeks. Avoid distractions and you will be more able to meet your goals. August should be an excellent time to focus on business strategies and create a sound financial plan. Consider joining a new club or organization to meet people who share your outlook. Show off your management skills and enthusiasm in September and October. November could be a suitable time to enjoy a vacation and live out some of your romantic fantasies. You should be more popular and attractive than usual and could attract admirers. Ask for feedback from friends and trusted advisers in December however, as your judgment about new people or investment ideas could be off base.

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