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ARIES: Appearing in the right places with the right people could help you reap extra benefits, so embrace any opportunities to socialize. New acquaintances can overlook your flaws and new experiences can bring out the best in you.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Social gatherings can make your budding star power increase; you may meet some new admirers today. At heart you may prefer true love and commitment but right now you could be attracted to living life in the fast lane.

GEMINI: Resolve to spend more time reading the fine print and listening to others. Although you have some imaginative business ideas with plenty of potential, there could be delays or you might be unaware of some limitations.

CANCER: The star relies on the supporting cast. Your name might not be in the headlines but your contributions to someone’s success can put money in the bank. This may be the right time to cooperate with others rather than compete with them.

LEO: Someone could change their mind, causing you a certain amount of inconvenience. Your feelings might be hurt, or you may overreact if you feel unappreciated. Just bring yourself back to your center. Meddling with a problem could make it worse.

VIRGO: It might be difficult to talk to someone who may be deliberately deceptive. You may be open-minded and fair, but there are some things you cannot ignore. It may be necessary to make tough choices to maintain the highest standards.

LIBRA: Repetitive tasks and unpleasant duties may be boring. One way to get out of your rut is to find ways to meet new people or explore unfamiliar places. Take notes when you have ideas about ways to increase profits.

SCORPIO: Stand up for yourself and adequate support from others can follow. Whatever choice you make may attract attention and approval. Your admirable work habits or ingenious ideas could receive plenty of recognition.

SAGITTARIUS: Use your imagination to escape from the here and now. You could look forward to enjoying some entertainment or upcoming family get-togethers. Wait for better timing to discuss a touchy issue with a loved one.

CAPRICORN: Hard work and persistence can pay off. You may be pleased with your progress and generosity with family members. You might be tempted to spend lavishly because you believe you deserve the best.

AQUARIUS: If you look at your bank balance, you might be alarmed by downward trends. This could be a great time to scrutinize your bills, make a new budget, and/or cancel subscriptions you no longer need.

PISCES: Although there are times when you may feel invincible, you might be sensitive to direct or implied criticism from your peers. Instead of shaming yourself, take a deeper look — you could learn a very helpful lesson.

IF MAY 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You could feel free to accept new opportunities and make key changes since nothing is holding you back during the next three to four weeks. Unpredictable events and unexpected insights can give you an incentive to break away from ingrained habits. Your enthusiasm levels are high so you are willing to lead the way to obtain your heart’s desire in June, but if you forget to take the time to be polite toward others, your “me first” attitude might land you in hot water. During the first half of August, you may want to dabble in romance or take a dream vacation, but your street smarts are at a high point, too, so you can make astute business decisions. Keep a lid on wishful thinking in September when your gullibility is heightened and your good judgment is reduced.

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