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ARIES: People might find it difficult to resist your charm and upbeat attitude. This could be a suitable time to dive into a new hobby or launch a creative project. You may be ready to change your financial habits or revise the budget.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Enjoy the possibility of being the center of someone’s enthusiastic attention. You might be eager to try something new and exciting, but you will be even happier if you have a thoughtful companion by your side to share it with.

GEMINI: Spend time with someone with whom you can share unlimited but realistic daydreams. Revealing your private thoughts and desires can deepen intimacy. The plans you make now can bring you both contentment.

CANCER: You could act first and think later. Try not to become obsessed with obtaining a new toy or possession. Focus on long-range plans and remain within a realistic budget. A romantic partner might hold your attention.

LEO: Take a desire for efficiency and turn it into effectiveness. You may have thought some things through and feel almost ready for a positive change. Be sure to get some sound advice from trusted friends before you act.

VIRGO: You and your friends or partner could have a meeting of the minds. A separation by time or distance might not have any meaning where your feelings or affection are concerned, you should be able to pick right up again.

LIBRA: A close romantic partner or friend may have grand expectations that you feel you need to reach in order to win their heart. It may be your task to take control within the home and function as the support system.

SCORPIO: Act on your imaginative ideas and you may win admiration as well as respect or receive tangible validation for a job well done. You could be able to derive lasting benefits from the good will that is likely aimed your way.

SAGITTARIUS: You might be eager to make a key purchase or ardently hope to turn a passing flirtation into a beautiful romance. The extra effort you give to your favorite projects could eventually bring some top-notch results.

CAPRICORN: It is always worth your time to aim as high as possible. Although you might often be spurred on by your ambitions, you may realize that having a happy relationship or a comfortable life can be more important.

AQUARIUS: Ignoring a drain on your resources might not help your bank balance. Use logic as a guide but be sure to picture what you want to achieve, too. Use your imagination to foresee the consequences of your decisions.

PISCES: Your gentle and sympathetic nature can give you an advantage whenever you must have a heart-to-heart conversation. You can explain the facts in a soothing and comforting way without triggering someone.

IF MAY 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Enjoy more social activities and friendly meetings than usual as the next three to four weeks go by. You could become more competitive or be in a hurry to win recognition in early June, so be sure to aim your energies in appropriate directions and avoid abrasiveness. August is a suitable time to apply knowledge, educate yourself or accept opportunities that will help you expand your scope of influence. Learn to be grateful for help and assistance but do not depend upon others to do what you should be doing yourself. Your business savvy helps you make progress in the work or career department in September, but your blindness to some drawbacks can cause you to make a business or investment mistake.

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