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ARIES: Stature depends upon substance. You may not realize that you have powerful connections and a great reputation. Every day you can demonstrate the work ethic, trustworthiness, and commitment necessary to impress others.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Inspire others with the fire of your passion. Your attractiveness can reach new heights because some people can see you as being more talented than you know. Work hard and with persistence over time if you expect to attain financial security.

GEMINI: You can set a sterling example of hard work and display a passionate determination to reach your goals. You might not have a chance to show off your accomplishments, because you are too busy accomplishing them.

CANCER: Future pleasures can help keep spirits high if you and a loved one are intent on working hard to achieve security. Make a plan to enjoy some of your favorite hobbies and pastimes once you’ve reached an interim goal.

LEO: Charm your friends with a rational approach. If you are searching for answers without finding solutions, perhaps it may be time to accept things as they are. You cannot control changes in the outside world, but you can adjust how you view them.

VIRGO: Focus on being a team player and it’s likely that someone could show up to lend a hand when it’s your turn to need help. Saying nothing sometimes says the most, but if you need to provide your input, it can charm your listeners.

LIBRA: You may not be able to outwit or outrun more experienced players, but don’t become discouraged — your time will come. It could feel pointless to rush through a project too fast. You may find your companions could be more affectionate than usual.

SCORPIO: You could be on the same wavelength as a partner or trusted companion. The two of you could share romantic ideas or materialistic goals. You may feel enriched by someone's wise advice and thoughtful insights.

SAGITTARIUS: More can be accomplished if you are able to work in a quiet area where occasional interruptions may not be as distracting. A partner or loved one might operate on a tight schedule that works just as well for you.

CAPRICORN: Work hard, play hard. You are efficient and organized so you can complete your tasks and still have time for more leisurely moments. Sidestep potential disputes on the home front by paying attention to a family member’s needs.

AQUARIUS: Follow the rules of good manners. You can get more accomplished with fewer headaches by being diplomatic and tactful with loved ones and business contacts. Be prudent with your finances by getting a clear picture of costs.

PISCES: Try to see your troubles from a worldwide perspective. Check your bank balance twice to be sure expenditures have not exceeded your income. The things you feel you lack may challenge you to make improvements toward worthwhile goals.

IF MARCH 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Put your career and business ambitions on the back burner and put your nose to the grindstone for the next four to five weeks. In June, you could be carried away by wishful thinking and fooled by surface appearances. In early July, you should be wiser, so this may be a fine time to make plans, to reevaluate your decisions or put important plans into motion. Anything worthwhile should move forward without a hitch. Ambitions for material success rise in August, but October is most likely the best time to start a business or begin a crucial personal project and see it through to the finish successfully.

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