Organica Jordan helps kids help the environment. … with worms

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Walid Al-Nabulsi's daughter Nay Al-Nabulsi helps make compost in this undated photo. Organica Jordan will host workshops teaching other kids to do the same. (Photo: Handout from Organica Jordan)
AMMAN —Organica Jordan , a farm located in Amman that produces compost and recycles green waste, hopes to introduce a new environmentally friendly trend in Jordan: composting using worms. اضافة اعلان

Composting describes a process in which a mixture of organic materials like tree leaves, vegetables, and fruits are used to fertilize soil. Worm composting or vermicomposting employs worms to turn the organic waste into compost.

During an interview conducted over the phone, Organica Jordan’s Walid Al-Nabulsi said that the concept of worm composting is widespread in other areas. “Vermicomposting is common in other areas around the world like in Europe and Australia. We in Organica Jordan — and even others that work in the same field — are trying to introduce it here, locally.”

They seem to have found a fun way to do so, via workshops run in collaboration with Amman Little Gardeners, for kids, so they can connect with nature. “The general idea is that we want to bring awareness about such topics to little children. We want them to be aware of the ecosystem and nature,” Nabulsi said.

“For example, ever since my daughter was only two years old, she has been aware that we do not dispose of the organic waste in the garbage, but instead we manage it,” he explained. “She knows that plastics go into the trash bin, meanwhile vegetable or fruit leftovers go to the compost bag. She is now five.”

“Nowadays, almost all our agricultural production contains unnatural chemicals and fertilizers. Farmers use chemicals to produce and grow fruits and vegetables faster: this is harmful and unhealthy, and we are consuming these products every day which is resulting in illnesses,” he added.

“The new and young generation can adapt easier to these habits, so bringing awareness to them is perhaps more important than bringing awareness to adults. That is our main target and goal from the workshops,” added Nabulsi.

Children aged 2 to 15 years old can participate in the workshop. Every workshop is an hour and a half long, lasting from 4:30 to 6pm. “We have four to five upcoming vermicomposting workshops. The first one is on Monday and the second is next Saturday. We do not hold them daily because we have other activities,” explained Nabulsi.

The workshops are being held in coordination with Amman Little Gardeners at Alasayel Equestrian on Airport Road. The cost is JD10 per child and parents can attend the workshops for free.

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