Jordanian movie receives standing ovation at Venice film festival

(Photo: Handout from Venice International Film)
AMMAN —  The Jordanian movie “Amira,” which highlights the plight of Palestinian political prisoners languishing in Israeli jails and their efforts to conceive via IVF, premiered recently at the 78th Venice International Film Festival and was met with a standing ovation from audiences.اضافة اعلان

The film was directed by Mohamed Diab, his third movie after “678” (2010) and “Eshtebak” (2016), both of which garnered over 30 international awards, according to a statement from the festival.

The film’s female protagonist, Amira, is a 17-year-old Palestinian conceived via IVF with her father Nawar’s sperm that was smuggled out of an Israeli prison where he was held. The movie deals with the real-life struggles of Palestinian children conceived while their fathers remain behind bars.

Cast of Amira at Venice film festival(Photo: Handout from Venice International Film)

Although their relationship since birth has been limited to prison visits, Nawar remains Amira’s hero. His absence from her life is overcompensated by the love and affection showered on her from those around her.

Saba Mubarak (Photo: Handout from Venice International Film)

In a surprising twist, however, when a second attempt by Nawar to conceive another child reveals his infertility, Amira’s world is turned upside down.
The movie is competing in the festival’s Orizzonti competition. The movie’s stars, Saba Mubarak and Tara Abboud attended the premiere. The film is set in Palestine.

“Amira” features a pan-Arab cast that includes Tara Abboud, who plays Amira in her cinematic debut, Saba Mubarak, Ali Sulaiman, Kais Nashif, and Waleed Zuaiter. The film is a joint production between Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine and was written by the trio of Mohamed, Khaled, and Sherine Diab.

Saba Mubarak and Tara Abboud, stars of the movie(Photo: Handout from Venice International Film)

Jordanian producer and actress Saba Mubarak is one of the few Arab stars whose repertoire includes a number of successful works throughout the Arab world and internationally. Saba has won many titles and awards that reflect her ability to portray characters that present the issues facing Arab women, with 60 works under her belt.

Tara’s latest works include the Jordanian TV series “Oboor” (2019) alongside “Saba Mubarak,” which follows people’s everyday struggles in refugee camps.
The Venice festival is one of the world’s most prominent film festivals that showcases the year’s most significant films. The festival’s current edition is presided over by Bong Joon Ho, the Oscar-winning director of the South Korean film “Parasite.”

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