Virtual concert featuring 22 artists to premier Friday

(Photo: Handout Music Whale)
(Photo: Handout Music Whale)
AMMAN — Musical talent center Music Whale will premiere its virtual premade concert this Friday. The concert will feature 22 of Music Whale’s “talents,” who will play their favorite pop songs. اضافة اعلان

Established in 2012, Music Whale is a music talent center with a special focus on children.

“The unique thing about Music Whale is that we teach music to children and treat them as talents. We don’t deal with them as students. It’s a big difference,” said founder and event organizer Tareq Younis in an interview with Jordan News.

Friday’s event is an hour-long concert that will be available to preview for a limited window of 24 hours.

“It’s kind of mimicking a real-life concert, if it wasn’t virtual. You’d have that one opportunity to view it and then that opportunity is not there anymore,” said event organizer Dyala Younis.

Dyala described the process by which this concert was put together.

“We collaborated with Bil3aks Studios. Together, we were able to help students record their pieces in a recording studio and then film them in a film studio. We then combined them all in a single video to produce a virtual concert.”

She added that this concert was a means of overcoming the challenges presented by moving to an online format during the pandemic.

“We had to find very creative ways to still provide a space for our talents to share what they love to do,” she added, explaining that their love for instruments was “rejuvenated” through this process.

The repertoire features a mix of Arabic and English pop songs.

“I hope that this is a space for the audience to feel the joy because I feel like this is something that is missing with events that are happening online — what’s missing is the opportunity to be together,” Dyala said, hoping that the online format of the concert will not preclude the prospects of a shared experience.

Speaking on the inspiration behind this event, Tareq argued that virtual concerts — while initially forced by COVID-19 — are here to stay and provide channels for exposure “other than the stage, the theater, or the studio.”

“Virtual capacity will continue into the future … all performers are going to start to depend on this,” he remarked.

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