The ‘Power of Music’, brilliantly demonstrated

1. The Power of Music
Lana Mushtaq, Nicole Tricaud-Mohammedi, and Maysaa Abu Lughod (left to right) perform on Tuesday in Amman at the Halim Salfiti Auditorium. (Photo: Jean-Claude Elias/Jordan News)
The benefits of music are truly healing and therapeutic — well beyond pleasure and entertainment. Tangible proof of this was found at an exceptional event that took place Tuesday night in Amman at the Halim Salfiti Auditorium, aptly titled “Power of Music”. اضافة اعلان

Pianist, scholar, and former secretary-general of the French Cultural Center of Alexandria, 81-year-old Nicole Tricaud-Mohammedi, delighted the full house with evergreen songs and improvisations, mainly from the traditional French repertoire, played on the piano.

The musician, recipient of prestigious French decorations in acknowledgment of her life-time achievements, was accompanied by a well-known duo: Maysaa Abu Lughod on oud and Lana Mushtaq on guitar and vocals. These two artists have been working together for several years now as music therapists, helping mainly the elderly, but also all those whose lives are challenged by “psycho-affective, sensory, physical, or neurological disorders”, including the young.

Throughout the one-hour special performance, they not only accompanied the French pianist, but also wholeheartedly supported her, encouraged her, smartly followed her improvisational changes, and created a unique human and artistic bond that everyone in the audience could see, hear, and experience as genuinely moving.

The musicians enchanted the crowd with French songs like Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves), Histoire d’un Amour, and renditions of Summertime, Ode to Joy, and Bella Ciao. Mushtaq’s stage presence and natural sense of communication managed to win enthusiastic, warm participation from the audience in singing the chorus to Bella Ciao.

There was even a sweet rendition of the Arabic song made famous by Fairuz, Aateeni el Naya Wa Ghanni, where the three musicians took turns, excelling in their improvisation and singing.

It was a brief but moving moment when Nicole Tricaud-Mohammedi spoke directly to the audience between two songs, expressing her happiness about being present and playing for them.

After the performance Jordan News spoke with the artist, asking whether she planned to play again live on stage in the near future. “Oh yes, I would love to do that again!” she replied with a wide smile.

In their own words: Abu Lughod’s “… long-term goal is to explore opportunities globally, spreading the concept of music therapy as an allied health profession” and Mushtaq’s “…hopes are to take music therapy sessions from local levels to national and international ones.”

The musical evening was organized by the Friends of Jordan Festivals.

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