Swedish singer Kristin Hagegard delights audience

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(Photo: Jean-Claude Elias/Jordan News)
AMMAN — At the Fann wa Chai cultural space in Jabal Weibdeh in Amman, last Tuesday,  (July 6), Swedish singer Kristin Hagegard gave a concert that was a refined illustration of the intrinsic beauty and the enduring appeal of the human voice. Fashions may come and go, musical instruments may evolve, and digital technology keeps introducing new recording techniques; the beauty of the human voice remains.اضافة اعلان

Accompanied by two Jordanian musicians, Khaled Tawfiq on guitar, and Adnan Sorekh on keyboard, Hagegard sang in English, in Swedish and in Portuguese, smoothly and easily moving from one language to the other. The set included songs from her native country, some belonging to the traditional repertoire and known there for more than 300 years, and others more recent, introduced in the 1970s.

The singer also interpreted classics like Manha de Carnaval, the exquisite, moving Brazilian song by Luiz Bonfa and Antonio Maria, and the popular The Streets of London, written in 1969 by Ralph McTell, and to which the composer has recently added a verse in the light of the COVID-19 situation, as explained to the audience by Hagegard.

The choice of the charming songs was perfect for the warm, cozy, and intimate setting that complied with the somewhat relaxed but still prevailing health safety precautions: a limited number of guests was admitted, and reasonable social distancing was applied.

The songs were all beautiful, soft, quiet pieces that highlighted the natural beauty and pleasing tone of Hagegard’s voice and were a perfect match for it. By moments, the delicate, sweet voice conjured up the sound of another Scandinavian voice, that of the great Norwegian Sissel Kyrkjebo.

Speaking to Jordan News after the concert, Kristin Hagegard explained than both her parents were opera singers. She also expressed her pleasure at being in Jordan and performing with local musicians.

The singer, who is an expatriate living in the country, has plans for more events here. Along with Tawfiq and Sorekh who are part of the Jordanian group Almas, she performed at the Amman Jazz Festival held last February.

Seasoned musicians Tawfiq and Sorekh provide a subtle, smart, and non-invasive instrumental accompaniment that gently enhances the singer’s voice and, overall, supports the entire performance, always leaving the vocalist in the spotlight.

The audience’s pleasure was augmented with the pleasant feeling that, at last, music concerts are back in town, even if held before audiences smaller than usual.

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