Local talents shine at the Jordan K-pop World Festival 2023

(Photos: Handouts from the South Korean Embassy)
The fervor of the Korean wave, known as "Hallyu," has captivated the hearts of people worldwide, and Jordan is no exception. Over the past few years, Jordanians have wholeheartedly embraced this vibrant culture, joining millions of like-minded fans around the globe. Fueled by their passion, they have successfully reached international audiences and are now making their mark in the K-pop scene.اضافة اعلان

A significant testament to the growing influence of K-pop in Jordan is the recent K-pop Festival, which served as the preliminary round for a worldwide contest that culminates in the esteemed international K-pop competition held in South Korea.

The event was co-hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Jordan and Jordan K-pop Lovers, a dedicated fanbase committed to fostering a thriving K-pop community in the country.

The pinnacle of this annual event, the K-pop World Festival in South Korea, acts as a global congregation of K-pop enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. The festival's overarching goal is to merge Korean culture with the rich tapestry of its fans' diverse cultures, fostering a deeper connection among K-pop fans worldwide.

During the final round, contestants showcased their talents in front of judges, which often includes K-pop artists, producers, and experts within the industry. The winners are then awarded various prizes, including the opportunity to perform at a special K-pop concert and meet their favorite K-pop idols.

This year, the Jordan K-pop festival was held on July 8 at the Al-Hussein Cultural Center. As the center was slowly crowded by more than 500 K-pop fans and their families it was clear just how much talent would be present.

On July 8, 2023, the Al-Hussein Cultural Center in Amman buzzed with excitement as more than 500 K-pop fans and their families gathered to witness the exceptional talent on display.

Out of the 70 contestants who had initially submitted auditions, only 12 made it to the prestigious stage, surpassing audience expectations with their remarkable performances. Among the finalists were 10 captivating dance teams and two vocal performances.

South Korea’s ambassador to Jordan, Kim Dong-gi, attended the event and congratulated the top three winners, consisting of two dance teams and one vocalist. Their performances will be submitted to “KBS”, the national broadcaster of South Korea, which is responsible for selecting who will have the chance to represent Jordan at the K-pop World Festival in Changwon on Oct 14.

The fans become the idols
One of the standout performers was 15-year-old Yara Mdanat, who secured the second place with her awe-inspiring dance routine. Mdanat's passion and enthusiasm for K-pop music radiated throughout her performance, leaving an indelible impression on both the audience and the judges.

Speaking to Jordan News, Mdanat said: “I have been dancing for a long time, so the experience of performing on stage was indescribable for someone with my profound love for dancing.” She added, “having the opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience who shares the same interest as mine is truly beyond words.”

 “The love for K-pop runs in the family, my older sister introduced me to K-pop in 2018; I have been a devoted fan ever since,” she added.

Suzan Abu Jazal, 23, representing “Black Iris” who won first place, said that she has been participating in this festival since 2015 and expressed her deep gratitude for the K-pop community.

Abu Jazal told Jordan News that she was a K-pop fan since she was 15, adding “I was drawn to its unique dancing style.” And she started to look for others who shared her love for K-pop dancing and formed a team. Suzan highlighted that the K-pop fan community in Jordan is growing, providing more opportunities to connect with new people and enjoy unforgettable experiences together.

Show Album

The festival provided a valuable opportunity for talented Jordanians to showcase their abilities and fulfill their dream of coming up on stage, third place winner Omar, 23, told Jordan News that “I have been a K-pop fan since 2010” and “I played the guitar since I was a child, and it had always been my dream to perform in front of an audience.”

Omar admitted feeling nervous before performing for such a large crowd, but as soon as he stepped onto the stage, he felt a sense of relaxation and ease.

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