Saudi anime ‘The Journey’ wins award for best experimental film at Septimius

4. Septimius Award Manga Team
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AMMAN — The Saudi animated “The Journey,” was awarded the best experimental film last week at the Septimius Film Festival held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.اضافة اعلان

“The Journey” is a story set 1,500 years ago and is inspired by Arabian folklore as well as Islamic history. The plotline follows an invader who threatens to destroy the Kaaba, one of the most sacred Islamic sites, causing an outcry among locals. As Mecca locals decide to defend the site, one of them, Aus — a potter with a dark past goes on a faith-backed journey to defend his city.

Directed by Shizuno Kobun, “The Journey” was shot using anime-style animation and took two-and-a-half years to make.

Japanese dubbing artists in the film included renowned names such as Toru Furuya, Takaya Kuroda, and Hiroshi Kimiya, while artists such as Abdu Shaheen, Rasha Rizq and Nassar AlNassar dubbed the Arabic version.

Produced by the Manga Productions, a subsidiary of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman foundation, the film is considered the first Saudi and Arab film in history to win the best experimental film award at international festivals.

“The Journey” competed against seven finalists nominated in the experimental film category.

CEO of Manga Productions and executive producer of “The Journey” Essam Bukhary said “We are proud of ‘The Journey’ winning the Septimius award for Best Experimental Film for the first time in the history of Saudi and Arab cinematic films, as it showcases that (the) creative content of our Saudi culture can compete globally and drives us at Manga Productions to continue our journey in further developing Saudi talents. As we learned from HRH Prince Mohamed bin Salman, the importance of empowering the youth and that our ambitions are limitless.”

This award is considered a triumph for the hard work of developing Saudi talents. It is also a tribute to the efforts exerted to ensure the successful release of “The Journey”, added Bukhary.

People can stream the film on “Crunchyroll” in the US. It is also currently broadcasting on more than 20 Japanese platforms as well as “Shahid” in the Middle East.

The film has already been released in Saudi Arabia.

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